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02 February 2003, 09:01 PM
OK, lets try this again...

Welcome! the purpose of this thread is to flood your minds with not just my work but anyone who need critisism as it is the life blood of artistic development, we cannot thrive in a vacum.

so far i've been posting my WIP's on cg-char, and the 10sec_club but there are problems i encounter which only other hash users can identify.i have been doing cg and film making for over eight years, but not until i found the many brillient forums and WIP threads on the web that, for the first time i've felt like i was getting somewere. i have yet to meet another cg animator face to face, there are very few were i live. at university i got nothing from the lectureres and all the students were stop motion and cel.

i have a lot of early work, over five hours of the worst cg ever made, and i may one day put them online, as an example to other of what not to do, in the meantime, i'm going to use this forum for my current hash needs, as i'm not going to change software for many years as i have to many projects on the go, and i like to just get on with it and not worry about the medium. i'm working on a short film, music video, and character animations, the
later will take up most of this thread, i hope to get the attention of as many hash users as possible, aspecialy anyone in the 10sec_club, but as i need to make a large number of objects for my larger projects i'm also interested in how people use hash for non_character based projects.

so here it goes, first off here are some links to my current feb 10sec_club entry. and jans, and also a short film i did last year, very crude but a lot of fun, i have a gallery of hash stills under the name kloak at which i may bring over here, i have no web site which is why i'm doing it this way. (the links are stuff i got onto the site of a relation)
feel free to say ANYTHING you like, and to discuss your own work and influances as, if this thread works it should create a good series of discussions on the way we work and why.


EAL, aka kloak, aka the core




02 February 2003, 11:42 PM
I like the ragimt video! The motion seems like it should be a little quicker in spots - but overall I was likeing it.

The Drunkard one seemed a little dark on my monitor - but not too shabby at all.

Both the january and february clips reminded of the old "Davey and Goliath" stop motion show that used to be on (years ago...)

show us more! ;)

02 February 2003, 09:20 AM
I like the strong choices you make in your stuff. The entire head morphing with the one character is interesting and effective for a personal style.

There's a certain constant movement to your work as well, which I think you could either emphasize and really go for or control and let a pose set so that reading the motions is a little easier for the viewer. Or an admixture of both ideas.

Superior work though, I think! :thumbsup: Your talent is obvious.

Oh, and: :wavey: NICE to see you on the forums, man! Have to keep in touch, your current project interests me a lot and inspires me!

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