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03 March 2002, 12:59 AM
How does one go about modeling / skinning a character with rigid accessories such as armour plates, that must move with, but not intersect the main body geometry? I suppose modelling it all as one shape is possible, but in a situation where i want a reuseable "base" character, and then interchangeable accessories, what do i do? plus, even when modelling as one continuous mesh, the skinning seems frightfully difficult to me with a combination of flexible body parts, and rigid armor pieces... yet i see such characters all over the place, so i'm wondering what the "standard" method is. Any help out there??? :)

03 March 2002, 07:38 PM
Hi, itīs indeed one of my huge problems.
I linked the armor with the bone, not rig. Than a Volume select, or or delet the faces in the base model to avoid intersection. This works a lot. Save with a diferent name :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

04 April 2002, 02:17 PM
Agree with Caldeira, model it in separates objects, and then link it to your bones, while the body underneath is skinned .To avoid collision, no better solutions than deleting polygons under the armor parts............

04 April 2002, 01:41 PM
Here is my method, but not sure if it works in you case though....
Lets say I want to out two shoulder amors onto my medival knight character....
I create two dummies and link them to the shoulder bones left and right, then link the amor geometries to those dummies. I will animate the character first and then go back to animate the shoulder amors seperately.
Hope it can help.;)

04 April 2002, 06:18 PM
Well, this will work. But it's the hard way.

04 April 2002, 08:04 PM
Maybe it is a hard way, but it will give you more control on shoulder armor. Since the shoulder amors should be binded in rigid, and that will be a problem when you want to bind them with the base character.
you can just hide those armor if you dont want to show them, and you don't have to remove the physique and do it over.
But that just my personal opinion, and please tell me if you have a better way to do it.

04 April 2002, 08:19 PM
R.R. I guess if you put a float spring controller on those dummys, you will have a great effect too. Also with the animation of separated dummys, will look very realistic. The spring control will give a very good reactor-effect to the shoulder piece. I usually do that too. But, it's still being the hard way.:bounce:

04 April 2002, 11:18 PM
I model the armor, each piece on its own, the character, I rig the character. Then I create a bone that controls each piece of armor, pivoting from wherever would make sense. I use expressions to get this bone to follow whatever bone it needs to follow, but I adjust the amount it follows(as a %) to fit the specific piece of armor. Then I limit those bone's rotations so that they don't intersect each other or his skin. An example can be seen here:
I also have a delay on the following, just a little delay that makes the armor react instead of move with the body.

04 April 2002, 07:40 AM
Caldeira, the spring control trick seem interesting, I will try it, thanks.:)

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