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02 February 2007, 06:50 PM
Im a bit confused on how this works. Im trying to import a reference model, weight and animate it. The problem Im having is that when I try to envelop it to the reference model it give me an "Access Denied." In the explorer it the ref models say Referenced_Test (REF LOCK).

Here's my workflow thus far:
I have a saved scene with my model. I export it as File>Export>Model... and call it Test.emdl.

I open a new scene, create a skeleton and hit File>Import>Reference Model... I choose Test.emdl. It imports fine and I make sure the Properties box has New Properties and Animation Mixer checked, as well as Animation, Shapes and Audio. I select my reference model, go to envelop, choose the Envelope_Group and that's when I get the "Access Denied."

How do you do this?

My idea is to be able to make changes to the model AFTER it's enveloped and animated. I have the Softimage Production Series DVD's but those dont show you the workflow. He only talks about the concepts and whats the parameters do. I was looking for more of a step by step. Can anyone also suggest online tutorials, DVD's or books that are more focused on "how To?"


02 February 2007, 11:03 AM
I think you need to readjust the workflow a bit.

In XSI reference modeling cannot accept changes in structure of a model, enveloping will need to insert at least Envelope Op into the model.

This is the same behaviour for example you can not subdivide the geometry in Referenced Model, since it will need to insert Subdividepolygon Op.

With Reference model you can change :
- Static Pos and other Parameter values;
- FCurves
- Expressions
- Constraints
- New Properties
- Animation Mixer
= Animation
= Shapes
= Audio

So it means you have to do rigging and enveloping with Local model, exported out as emdl. And use the emdl in Animation, while someone maybe finessing the rigging itself such as weightpainting and corrective shape setup.


02 February 2007, 03:08 PM
Thanks very much.

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