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01 January 2007, 10:04 PM
Might be of interest to some of you-

This is a demo clip showing the realtime recording setup one of our teammates (Donshole) did on our collab . 3 MEG DIVX (
There are more controls for other parts of the body, but this gives and idea of the method we developed for this character animation.

Re the animation, yes it is recorded 'real time', like a video game controller motions.

MotionBuilder allows you use input controllers - keyboard mouse, even joysticks to drive your characters once they are properly set up.

To allow greater control and percision we mapped the main Hips control to the mouse so you can "mouse in" the big motions> hip/body which then ripple down via IK to adjust the legs etc.

The chracter's bum has damping on it to allow it to bounce around while you are mousing the main hips motions, so you get some free animation from that little addition. The rest of the body parts are mapped to the keyboard.

So the way we designed it to work is alot like working with audio do your main pass tracks then overdub the extra parts until you have the final composition.
So for the Fuchi, the hand motions, grip twirls etc are overdubbed after the main body track is done.

A future release we have coming in early Feb will show a bit more..

Here's ( more info on the rest of the animation. Scroll down to the 3rd post. :)

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01 January 2007, 10:04 PM
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