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02 February 2003, 08:03 PM
Hey All,
this is my first post here at CGTalk and I will probably be posting more stuff on here as time goes on....

Anyways, lets get to the juice:


all the links are generated by an array, all dynamicaly. I dont think I will be changing it very much, so I just want some comments..... It needs to be finished by monday morning so ya....

Comments? Thoughts? What should I do Next time? Questions?

Thanks! :D

02 February 2003, 10:44 PM
Looks realy nice and works great!

02 February 2003, 06:55 AM
hey kyle, love the layout, very original.

but as your mentioned its a portfolio. and i found it quite hard to read the text size you had chosen... the font is good, and personally i like small fonts myself, but when i gotta lean forward to start reading i get a bit anoyed (more so with large amounts of text to read)...

i dont know if your using pixels or points, but remember, if your using pixels and someones on a 1600x1200 monitor, how easy is it going to be for them to read?

another little thing i got a tad anoyed at was the windows, i like the idea of constricting what the user has for a menu and all that, hell if i knew my javascript i woudl too ;-). but placement was an issue, and i was testing this in opera because right now its the only browser out of Mozilla Netscape IE6 that seems to work without crashing.

anyways, the window was popping up on the bottom of the browser, if thats not correct, then a bit of testing to center it vertically would be good, but if you meant to put it there, i think a vertical center would help.

also, for pages like your Zelda walk through, and your blue & red eye, maybe an option window popup width and height would be good too. well even just width because theres gonna be scrolling for alotta users so might aswell save the effort imo (didnt look @ any others that were larger so same applies to those if there is any)

OH last thing, the navigation, maybe work on something to give the user that hasnt been there before a understanding of what hes clicking on before hand. maybe be your trying some "click to see what you get" surprise thing, but i'd prefer going right for what im looking for instead of hunting around... and i dont know, but employeers may want the same thing as i do?

otherwise man, really good site, nice design, nice colors, way to let your name be known without pushing it in there face, i know if im talking about this tomorrow over coffee at least i can remember 'kyle' :-)

good work :-)

02 February 2003, 06:26 PM
Look nice, I'm not to sure about Otto though. Another thing is you may want to be carefull about using the Matrix. I don't know the legal system of every country, but at least here in America, and back home in Australia, using that would be illegal.

Aside from that and the really small text, it looks good, its simple.

The only other thing is when you click on an item, to have the window the same size as the work would be a big bonus. Considering that i had to resize pretty much everything to see it.

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