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01 January 2007, 06:11 PM

I'm posting this forum to get responses from anyone who may be interested in a procedure manual/tutorial on creating a character in Maya. I am a Student at Oregon Institute of Technology and I am taking a writing 350 class, 'Software Documentation'. The manual that I am going to write is a step through on creating a character in Maya. I will explain in this manual how to create one of my characters, and through this manual users can see how Maya character creation is done. I will also include a video walkthrough as well as necessary files in creating this character. The users will than have more of an idea on how to use Maya, and will have the correct steps to create their own character. If you are interested please let me know in this forum. I also have User Analysis questions that I would greatly appreciate you (the user) filling out. If you could stick with me on this project I can send you my manual, which will be due by the end of the term (03/23/2007).
Thank You, and continue to check back on this forum for further updates.

User Analysis Questions

General Questions

1) What tasks will the user perform with the program?

2) What are the user’s work motivations?

3) What’s the user’s range of computer experience: novice, experienced, expert?

4) What’s the user’s 3d software of choice?

5) What’s the user’s knowledge of Maya: novice, experienced, expert?

6) What industry does the user apply use of the program?

7) In your opinion, what is one negative attribute or feature you disliked about previously used Maya manuals?

8) What is a positive attribute or feature you liked about previously used Maya manuals?

Software Specific Questions

1) Do you prefer to model with polygons, nurbs, or curves.

2) What tool or tools are you not too familiar with?

3) What is one tool you use the most in maya?

Environmental Factors

1) What is one reason you feel you have not gotten to know the program as well as you had planned?

Thanx Again
With your help I can bring a better free resource online/hardbound manual to the 3d community

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01 January 2007, 06:11 PM
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