View Full Version : Perhaps xsi a better choice than others ?

01 January 2007, 09:03 AM
As considered by alot of people ive worked with to be a newb in the computer graphics industry I like some others ive met have a dream to make cg in amazingly great detail and epic talent show. But I wanted to look into this product as a difference to help me in the future.

I have questions for people who use xsi 6 and other versions. I am a freelancer currently looking for work, but I wont be accepted unless I can place my actions before my mouth. My long term goal is within the game industry as a cg director but before then I need a product that can help me attain that goal, and give me the high end of computer graphics and imagry.

Currently I use maya 8.0 and have used it since 7.0, I am so used to the interface I dread not using it to use another program, but from what I have seen, what I might have infor me in the future might entail me to have to use a better program, but I am stuck here at a decision proccess.

I want to use xsi but i want to know if its ment for freelancers as well as production teams. I can understand most of all whats in it as far as modeling and animation wichive learned a large extent from thanks to maya, but xsi seems to be more fitting.

XSI seems to me to be a tool that i can really put my computer to work with. To really give my computer and card a true challenge.

But I dont want to buy unless I trully know what its like from people who have used it long time.

I am currently downloading the free trial to decide, but before i buy, from a different perspective "what is the usage of xsi like to you guys?" and would I a freelancer be able to dive into it with my current knowledge of computer graphics.