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02 February 2003, 09:23 AM
Drawover of Mira Furlan in costume as Delenn from the Babylon 5 series. Done with Photoshop driven with a 4x5 Wacom tablet. (

Comments? Suggestions on how to improve my technique so my stuff sucks less?

02 February 2003, 09:43 AM

THe first thing you could do if you want to create an image
from a photo or an image is get it onto a lightbox and try
and capture the lines that make up the recogniseable features.

I mean things like lips mouth eyes brows. only the important stuff.
Don't get caught up in drawing in heaps of useless detail, for now.

Then ink over your work on a fresh sheet of paper so its nice
and clean... its should look very open, ready for you to apply your
colour in photoshop.
scan it in!

then make the layer an rgb and then go to layer options
and choose Multiply... what you can do now is paint
on layers BELOW this layer and your Black ink won't suffer :)
make sure you build up your colours from dark to light.
try and add the refining stuff LAST. and use many layers.
duplicate layers you like and experiment. if you stuff it up
you can go back to your earlier layers..
ALso try making a background colour so your not staring into
white space as this can be daunting. this layer should be on the
very BOTTOM.

You have already captured the main features but it's the lack
of decent shade and crappy line work that detracts from your
pic. Try to add some depth, and when you get tired and lose
concentration.STOP and come back to it later.

So thats my solution. It's up to you as an artist to decide what line
to keep and what line to leave behind. remember that most of
the image you see is Tone!, not line, so try to recreate that with
photoshop. even done in a grey scale is effective...
Maybe some other artists here have some idea's.

I hope it helps.

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