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01 January 2007, 09:33 PM
Hey everyone, this is my latest project. He's intended to be the Main Character of a FPS game utilizing the Unreal Editor. He's currently at 3082 tris. His right arm will wield a gauntlet that is still in the design stages. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

01 January 2007, 10:30 PM
One thing that I'd advise against is to use full black on your texture. You have a lot of areas that go completely black and that might look strange in the game. You can add subtle detail to the shadows for example.

Another thing that stands out is that your skin is very red, even the darker areas. You could add some more variation in colour since it might make it pop a little more (blues, purples maybe? Ancient Pig has a good tutorial on how to paint a face but you can apply some of that to any kind of skin texturing. The link is in the How to paint textures thread at the top of this forum). That goes for the rest of the texture as well, it's a bit monochrome. Maybe adding some more subtle variations to the colour would help that impression.

Other than that it's looking good. Can you post a wire too?

01 January 2007, 10:34 PM
Well the critique i can give is that the model dont look like it's at 3k+ tris! I think you should work more on the hard edges on the model, take some of the details forth in the mesh like the shoes and the armour!
Does he really need such detailed hands for example.
I think the arms lack the form that you want to see, check out some referens and get a nicer outline, right not they just feel like sticks that gets smaller the longer out you come :P
The skin could get some more detailing as well, right now everything seams to be pretty blury, some sharp edges and details on the thing would hotten it up a notch!

Hope im not to harch, Put little more time into it and it'll be a kickass model!

01 January 2007, 08:17 PM
Hey thanks for the critique guys. And no, nobody can be too harsh. "You have to learn to kill your baby." In a metaphorical way, that quote seems less gruesome and more enlightening. I'd rather people be honest than waste thier time trying to sugar coat things.

Anyway, here is a post of the wireframe so you can see what I did with the geometry. I'm in the middle of working with the arms so they won't appear to be updated. I'm also posting a slightly updated UV Layout of the face. Funny thing is that I used Ancient Pig's tutorial to paint this face and I tried to add variation in color. However, at some point in the the texture process, I place a Brownish-Red layer over the skin, ran a Sponge Filter over it, and set it to Multiply. Don't ask me why, it seemed like a good idea at the time. But I think that's what caused the skin to be overly red. I've removed the layer and have also added a light blue blemish to the cheeks and forehead. Tell me if this did anything at all. The skin might still be red, and I'm just not seeing it.

Thanks again for the critiques guys. Keep em' coming! :)

01 January 2007, 11:38 PM
Your mesh doesn't add much to shape the silhouette and muscles and curves in general. What you have looks more like something you'd subdivide instead of a game model. Take a look at this mesh: and look at other peoples lowpoly characters to see what a good use of triangles look like. is a good place for high quality game art and you can find some here too :)

01 January 2007, 02:51 AM
I see what you're saying. Looking back, I should've probably allocated tris for the armor plates that I painted into the texture. I'm pretty bad with that. :( Perhaps when I add the Gauntlet to the character it'll add a little more to the dynamics if it's silohuette. Thanks for the crit. :)

Although efficient geometry and eye popping textures are my primary concern, what does everyone think about the overall design of this character? The art director of Firaxis Games has seen some of my work and has commented "bleh". I've been trying to add a little more character to my models since then. The Gauntlet will have a large impact on the character. But how's the overall design so far.

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01 January 2007, 02:51 AM
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