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Pinoy McGee
01-15-2007, 04:23 AM


Just started gathering refs and making quick studies. Frames are from the film The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad (1958). Sketch is a concept art for the film by Ray Harryhausen. Third image contains my studies where I'm warming up with the design and starting to think of poses, creature anatomy, etc.

Next update: concept art, 2d ortho sheet (for modeling ref).

01-15-2007, 11:35 AM
Great choice Pinoy! The most recognisable cyclops in tv/film history I would say. Those 3 frames alone look great. Looking forward to seeing your interpretation.

01-15-2007, 04:16 PM
FYI to all:

ROBERTO'S BULLHORN: New Dateline.. (


Pinoy McGee
01-21-2007, 09:51 AM
Thanks for stopping by Cameo.


Updates: Concept art and turnaround sheet. Next up: low res base model.

01-25-2007, 10:38 AM
Great stuff Pinoy, any updates on the progress of the model? :thumbsup:

01-26-2007, 02:09 AM
Hi Pinoy,

Nice work, digging your drawings as well, it's a shame we can't do our own redesign on this challenge, it would be awesome if you had the freedom to do a Harryhausen redesign, a contemporary modern version of the old movies, how's the mesh coming up, looking forward to your progress, keep it up.

01-26-2007, 12:12 PM
Someone is really doing their homework. All I did was a quick pencil sketch on some scratch paper before I started, which isn't nearly enough.

Good to see that you are really getting into it. Modelling should be a breeze for you now

Pinoy McGee
01-27-2007, 03:49 AM
Thank you for stopping by Justame2002 and MatsM.

Re: re-design. Yeah, I like the idea. I'll compensate by making up (time permitting) a totally made up scene that's not in any of the movies, since we're allowed to mix and match creatures......Muhahahaha! :twisted:

But only if time permits. :wise:

Modelling should be a breeze for you now

:) give or take 5 more years of constant practice.


UPDATE: First pass for the base mesh. This shows what I started with and what I have so far.

Next update: Base mesh prior to detailing.

01-31-2007, 08:46 AM
looking good so far but i think torso and arms needs to be thicker, unless you planning to do that while sculpting.
great sketches btw.

Pinoy McGee
02-03-2007, 05:02 AM
I agree with your feedback anim_ziggy. I'll have to watch out for that in the next pass.


Base model pass 02 (but I still have to add ears). One more pass to address proportional issues, then the initial detailing (knuckles, creases in the face).

Pinoy McGee
02-03-2007, 05:44 PM
Just a test. To check if the added ears hold up at a higher res.

Pinoy McGee
02-04-2007, 02:14 AM
As it stands so far. All prepped up for sculpting tomorrow. But I'll probably do a fur test first just to see if I should use a procedural solution or just sculpt/alpha brush the leg textures.


Ressed up

I'll see if I can clean up the ear/jowl area better w/ the base mesh. Eyeball comes later but maybe I should check if the eyelids need some thickness.

Pinoy McGee
02-04-2007, 05:18 PM
Another concept piece. This one actually started in zbrush, then Photoshop, then back in z for more detailing.

Pinoy McGee
02-08-2007, 01:53 AM
Started sculpting the torso today.

Pinoy McGee
02-20-2007, 01:55 AM
Sculpting pass 1 done. Next, detailing the skin.

Pinoy McGee
02-26-2007, 09:23 AM
Worked on the skin textures. I'll focus on the head this Monday. There are still some sculpting to be done on it before adding the finer details.

Pinoy McGee
02-27-2007, 06:52 AM
Detailed the head some more and did a color pass.

To follow: texture tweaks, add the poor monster's eyeball, maybe rig it up if time permiting.

Pinoy McGee
02-28-2007, 05:49 AM
Final submission attached. Thanks to Roberto and cgtalk for organizing this challenge. Thanks too to those who've provided feedback in this thread. BIG THANKS to Ray for entertaining and inspiring us with his movies.


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