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02 February 2003, 09:17 PM

Im busy rigging my character in Maya and when I orient constraint joints to objects or locators the joints just flip or do funny stuff. I have oriented all the joints with the orient tool, but it doesnt help. It only happens to some joints. Does anyone know how to solve this?? Please!!


02 February 2003, 01:23 AM
most likely you are orient constraining the joint to the locator when they are oriented differently... cuasing the joint to flip or rotate oddly..... this little script/command will move an object and rotate it into another objects position...
select two objects (object you want to move last).....

pointConstraint -n tempPointConstraint_1 -weight 1 ;
orientConstraint -n tempOrientConstraint_1-weight 1 ;
select -r tempPointConstraint_1 tempOrientConstraint_1 ;
delete ;

so for insstance if you want to have a locator (locator1) drive a joint's (Joint1) rotaiton values you can make an empty group node (null1) to inherit the transform differences between the two... this is assumiong you have the locator at the joints position already

select -r joint1;
select -add null1;

//then the command above temp constraints
pointConstraint -n tempPointConstraint_1 -weight 1 ;
orientConstraint -n tempOrientConstraint_1 -weight 1 ;
select -r tempPointConstraint_1 tempOrientConstraint_1 ;
delete ;

//make the null control the joint without
//flipping the joint
select -r null1 ;
select -add joint1 ;
orientConstraint -weight 1 ;

//now to make the locator control the joint
//by parenting null to locator
select -r null1;
select-add locator1;

that should fix your problem the joint should stay where it was and the locator should be controling the joints rotation....

hope that helps

02 February 2003, 01:30 AM
I actually managed to figure it out right after I put up the post:) I had actually read about it several times and just forgot. I guess thats what 10 hours of 3d and no sleep does to you.

But thanks for the script, its really useful!!


03 March 2003, 01:56 AM
Hey thats prety cool I never knew that. Thanks for scrip. Since We r talking about constraints, I have a character with a Ik spline and I trying to constrint orient the hips by a locator??????

03 March 2003, 08:21 PM
with the spline ik you will have to make a deformer on the curve... usually a cluster... then you can constrain that... if you want to orient constrain a cluster on a Spline ik make sure that you have more than one CV in the cluster's influince.... so that the rotation atributes on the cluster actually have any effect...
hope that helps ... :)

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