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02 February 2003, 01:37 PM
Hi guys,

Anybody knows which is the salary of a Combustion artist, with great experience, in Chicago area?


02 February 2003, 12:33 AM

I don't live in your country but I would gess that is a same salary as other compositors working with (AE, DF, Shake) they are all in the same level, and about the combustion "artist", artists are tool independent, doesn't matter wich too do you use (Flame, Flint, Inferno, Cyborg, Shake, DF, Combustion, AE, Nuke...), what really matters is your skills and your compositing capabilities.

Of course that compositors who work with FFI brothers tend to have a better salary simple because the works that the production companies they work for do bigger and more complex works with a much higher budget.

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02 February 2003, 04:15 AM
In broadcast, at least, the client-supervised jobs are the ones that generally pay the bigger bucks. Higher-stress = more $$$, at least in theory! So if you're on FFI, Quantel, Avid|DS, or Cyborg, you can probably expect to make a higher salary than someone compositing on desktop hardware.

02 February 2003, 01:28 PM
I think he wants to know the actual salary in dollars.
Probly 25 to 35k per year.

and Flame operator = 50k +

Flame has a well established protocol. Its been around for many years and clients know what it is and how good and fast it is.
Companies that have a flame suite are reluctant to tell clients that they could get the same work done on combustion on a pc for about a quarter of the cost or less but will take at least twice as long to do it. Companies will make more money using the well established and expensive flame. Its in the companies better interest to use the Flame suite that they have invested a lot of money in. They will make more money out of the client with flames established high cost. But i bet that a lot of clients would jump at the chance to slash there budgets by using a combustion operator to do the same thing even if it takes a little longer to do. But companies simply wont tell them because they wont make as much money out of them. This is slowly changing.
All the companies that I work for in Sydney use flame when the client comes in, but goes back to Combustion, Fusion, After effects when the client goes home. And its often the 3d animator doing the compositing on pc. More and more compositing is being done by 3d operators these days.

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