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02 February 2003, 07:29 AM
:wip: Here it is...

Mahtopia (

Some things to note:
The ZBrush Gallery 1 is complete.
Everything else is UC
Highspeed recommended
Flash 5 Plug-in required.
Recommended 1024 X 768.

I really need some crits!
Thank you!

02 February 2003, 12:05 PM
Looks pretty good MTB, I like the interface and background sounds. Maybe turn up the volume slightly on the intro scene background music, I had to crank up my volume a fair bit for it to be audible.

Cool animation on the Gallery selection. Once inside a gallery maybe add a return to main menu button instead of having to go back twice if you follow me.

The Mahtopia logo on the welcome page is way cool:applause:

I'm guessing you are going to change the way gallery pictures are shown, i.e not linked to your old site?

Good work:thumbsup:

02 February 2003, 04:29 PM
Thanks for the great suggestions!:thumbsup:
I will be working the flash magic on the pictures after all of the flash pages are set up. Then I will tackle the details like having the images load in a nice seperate window. I just need to learn how, thats all. See I actually work in swish mostly. Teaching myself flash MX is pretty hard right now and slow going.
Just have to research how to get this done. Shouldnt be hard...I mean, I've learned this much so far ;) .

Thanks again and keep the comments coming!

Michael Chen
02 February 2003, 12:49 AM
Not Bad :)

In my opinion the red stands out too much, which is sort of distracting.

Your 3D works pretty good.

The intro of your site, is somewhat similar to my intro aswell :D.

What else ... um

Oh one thing thats disturbed me was when different sections were loaded I had to wait about 5-10 seconds (it was a blank page).

Sound effects were nice.

I bet you just started learning flash ay :D

Anyway tell when the whole sites finished :buttrock:

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