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01 January 2007, 12:00 PM
DO u think my art is very stupid? because all of you guys can draw soe releastic things~T-T

01 January 2007, 12:54 PM
hey joeian,

You have a nice anime style. the only concern i would have is that the anatomy looks a little wierd. Something wrong with the arms. Its a goos start tho, and don't be discouraged. There's a real range of style and experience on the forum and we're all learning.
best of luck!

01 January 2007, 03:10 PM
Hi Kafat

Your work isn't stupid, the works from anybody here aren't stupid. It's just a matter of taste, and style. Particularly, I love animes and mangas, and draw them always I can. Your drawing is looking a bit weird, not because is being anime, but because of anatomy. This is something I always say for everybody that wants to draw manga: Learn real life drawing first. Anime is a stylization of reality, and so, you need to understand reality before you try to stylize it. If you know anatomy, perspective, light/shadows, color theory, you can apply all this knowledge to make great pieces of manga. See for example the works of Takehiko Inoue, Masakasu Katsura, Satoshi Urushihara, and many others. It's undeniable they know a lot about all those things I mentioned. It's the kind of thing that every great artist must to know. Without this knowledge, all people can do is a lot of crap.

So, I recommend you study more, use reference photos, and start an anatomy sketchbook on this forum:

Rebbeca and many other great artists are there to give you a valuable help.

There's is the CGTalk manga thread too: (
post there, there's a lot of good artists there, to offer some crits and comments.

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01 January 2007, 03:10 PM
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