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01 January 2007, 08:44 AM
Please Critique my animation

ThanX in Advance :)

01 January 2007, 09:19 PM
Looks nice, the only thing I notice is the arc of the left arm after he jumps off the pole.

Good work, keep it up :thumbsup:

01 January 2007, 12:46 AM
very nice you animation,
above to the suggestion of the friend

sorry erros of english, iam brazilian hehe

01 January 2007, 05:04 PM
really nice bit of animation that esp. with the sound. Great trick - not sure I agree with that arc in the left arm personally though - I can see what they're getting at with the arc but not EVERY movement from a body is an arc really and I think the movement there in that arm is quite nice. Still - give it a try.. happy to be proven wrong hehe! :)
great stuff, love the char too

01 January 2007, 07:33 PM
i agree with SirRon, i think u should fix the arc on that arm it looks funky right now... also the arm when the foot lands on the..pedestal?(brain fart so i geuss pedestal it is) looks kinda funny too how it dips down then goes up kinda high when he takes off but other than that the animations fun to watch.... love the landing that parts awesome.. the camera movements pretty good too

01 January 2007, 08:23 PM
- Thanks for notice me about the arcs . I find it more right now.
I linked another version of It:
Thanks again for the kind words :thumbsup:

01 January 2007, 09:19 PM
Nice, glad you like it more now :)

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01 January 2007, 09:19 PM
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