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12 December 2006, 02:51 PM
i'm working on a small first person shooter in the blender game engine, Even though I planned it out on paper, I thought i worked everything out but my first level looks horribly noobish, like i slapped stuff on there and hoped it looked good. I was wondering if anybody has advice, or links on level design that would help me out

12 December 2006, 03:32 PM
maybe this is something you need:

don't know if it's any good yet (I ordered it, haven't received it yet), looks very interesting though.
as for the rest, look at real game levels, they will probably help you alot.

pff, this is hard, telling you wat to you can do better if we haven't seen your work. Do you think you can post some screenshots or something?

12 December 2006, 03:40 PM
i'll take a look at that book, and yeah I'll post some screens of that first level i was talking about in a few hours, I gotta go to work in a minute...

12 December 2006, 06:54 PM
Hey man,
Dont get discourged that your first level didnt turn out as youve planned or expected, Remember, Experiance comes with time and practice.

Here some linkies to get you started -

MapCore Forum - (

CliffyB (Epic games lead designer) - (

Another from CliffyB - (

Ben (Crytek) - (

Hope that helps you out alittle dude:thumbsup: , Show us what youve got so far and always keep going!:)

PS - if you need some more stuff just say the word:) .


12 December 2006, 09:48 PM home from work a half hour ago, and uploaded some screens, here it is so far:
this is my 5 min photoshop sketch, the blue lines are fences, the red line is the path the player is supposed to take (the object is to fight through aliens to get to a helicopter waiting for you)
this is it fleshed out:
some perspective views:
the shadows look horrible because i'm using vertex painting, but in the next version of Blender you'll be able to bake rendered shadows so i'll probably end up doing that. I also have alot of texturing left to do

so what do you think :shrug:

12 December 2006, 10:29 PM
Hey dude,
You call that a first level? a first level is a room with a player start point:bounce: , Anyway,
the concept seems good and it looks interesting:) , how are you going to create enemies?
do you code them in or does the Blender engine has some special "Create alien here" button:D .


01 January 2007, 05:19 AM
Okay so its not my first first level, but its my first serious level that i've put time and effort into. As for the aliens, I modeled, textured, rigged, and animated them, I just need to do the logic in blender, I dont use script, I use Blenders "logic brick" system. It's hard to explain, but its like a nodes system, except for game logic commands instead of materials or render settings

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01 January 2007, 05:19 AM
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