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02 February 2003, 07:11 PM
Hey dudes

I am new here and i must say that it is an honor to post here

I just finsihed my second concept character and his name is Malek. He is about 69 years old. I would like you guys to give comment and to guess his profession and his alignment.
The profession you can choose from is: Fighter, Thief, Wizard and Cleric.
The alignment you can choose from is: good, neutral and evil.

There are some things I have to tell you guys about this sketch before you guess:
1) The anatomy is a enhanced( have you ever seen such a face???). This is so that I can model it better.
2) The look is that of a robotic look, so he has no expression. So donít look at it because there is none.
3) The alignment should be guessed based on the anatomy, for example softcurves represent good and sharp curves evil. Pointy nose = evil, round nose= good and so on. Inbetween is offcourse neutral.
4) Do remember that this is my second cocept ever and my second shading job ever. So I would like to have some good comment about it.

The pic was made with a digital camera, so the quality is less than that of a scanner.

Hope you guys like it,

Greetz Max4d

02 February 2003, 11:09 AM
Hey dudes

So many views and no comment :(

I know the drawing sucks but please give some comment, i am new here.

Greetz Max4d

02 February 2003, 08:48 PM
I can see it, so i can critic it.
I guess heīs good-neutral, and perhaps a cleric, mage or sheperd, profession doesnīt condition the features.

He doesnīt look as a 69 years old human (supossing heīs human and age in a normal way). Elder people has bigger ears and nose (much bigger if you are enhancing the anatomy) and much more weinkles around the eyes-mouth. For a concept drawing you should draw all the head (top skull too), is he bald? round or pointy head? specially if these are blueprints for modelling.
Eyes seem too close one another, and lips too big, i think.

BTW, i think that not only soft curves define the alignment, a good frown and evil grin can make enyone evil (although i know itīs a expression, but nobody has a brick face all the time)

02 February 2003, 07:02 PM

Thanks for taking a look at my pic Pancreas , after so many views and no comments I almost gave up hope.

You were almost right, itís a true neutral wizard.

Also I want to thank you about your comments, thay are quit good. Maybe I shoud have drawn more wrinkles and stuff but I have had no experience at all at drawing old people so I didnít have much clou on how a 69 year old really looks, but he is definitely a human.

About the bigger ears and nose, well, I didnít no that because of my lacking experience with drawing, anatomy and elder people. But I think it makes sence, especially about the big nose, I guesss elder people have a bigger nose.

About the enhanced anatomy, I guess you misunderstood. By saying that I enhaced it I meant I showed al the anatomy. In real life there is no person were the muscles around the eyes and the cheeks are that visible and that strong. I didnít mean that the mouth, nose, chin and eye would be bigger than normal. But itís my fault because I didnít point that out.

The space between the eyes, I thought It was correct because the space between two eyes is one eye I have learnt. If I am mistaken, please point it out.

About the big lips, I donít know, I mean whan I look at your avatar, he is also a kind of a wizard and his upper lip is quite big to, so itís just the persona that has a big lip. And looking at your own lip, it ainít that small either I think.

About the forehead, well I think that the face is much more important than the forehead and because I wanít to model it very good, I draw only the face. The forehead is not much to draw and when I describe it in my character statistics I think that would be enough. Also I draw them all bald because I wanít to model the face good and it would be difficult if he had a large beard and stuff. But in my statistics I always describe the hair and body and stuff, so that I wonít get into trouble with the moddeling proces. Still I think that the face is the most important part of the body, it makes up a guys persona and stuff and itís unique. A body is not.

Well, itís quite a reply but I hope you will also reply and if anaybody would like to reply they are more then welcome because when I see that the views increse and the replyís not I am getting mad.

Well, Pancreas, hope you reply and I will take your advice as a good foundation for another drawing.

Greetz Max4d

02 February 2003, 07:10 PM
Hey dudes

286 vieuws and only 1 comment:hmm:

Come on, post some comments. If you think it sucks, just tell me. If you can't see it, just tell me. Just tell me the truth. It will make me better!!

Greetz Max4d

02 February 2003, 02:18 PM

Well, 350 views and still the same comments....


well, i think i will slowly let this thread die... :(

Greetz Max4d

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