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03 March 2002, 03:25 AM
I am just now starting to take advantage of the numeric keypad in Modeler. I had it setup to change the number/size of views, but only really used a couple of the keys. Here is the setup I came up with yesterday.

1 and 4
Toggles between No Cages and Cages
(with grid) (no effect on "render style")

2 and 5
Toggles between No Cages and Cages
(no grid) (no effect on "render style")

Change the “render style”
Wireframe shade, Smooth shade, and wireframe

standard four views
(like the default)

Three small views on the left (top, right, back)
Perspective in large view on right.

It took me quite a bit of experimenting to get these setup exactly the way I wanted. It is not obvious what options to check when assigning a view to a key. You have to play with the different options, and keep in mind your “independent” settings… Like if you want you background color in shaded views to be based on you global setting or “independent” setting.

I should also mention that all but 7 and 8 work on "single panes." 7 and 8 change "whole window."

I’m sure some of you guys have some better setups. Right?? :)

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