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12 December 2006, 08:05 AM
*waves and greets* Hello everyone! :D. The name's Pengu -- or if you want, you can call me Scott. I am a student in Purdue University's Computer Graphics Technology Program. My area of specialization is in animation and I've come her to the CGSociety to wax all philosophical with my bretheren in the industry.

The specialization in animation is a recent change from multimedia design and web design, so I have a lot, lot to learn in the area. I would like to sharpen my skills in Rigging because I feel that you can't have a good animation without a kickbutt rig to back it up. *nod nod*

I read through a bunch of these forums already and this one caught my eye so I want to throw my hat in the ring .. as it were. Mostly I just want to learn from you more seasoned veterans in this area and apply what I learn to my own rigs and animations in the future. I look forward to meeting everyone and getting to know you all much better.

All right, introductions aside - I will be using Maya 7.0 for this Rig. I've been reading a few books and I hope to implement what I've learned to this rig. Some ideas going into this rig, is that I want to keep it simple but quite effective for animating most general movements. If I were to use this in a production, I would like to give the animator as many options as possible, without of course overwhelming him or her (if that is possible..).

Wish me the best and and Critiques will be well appreciated .. as well as any random question asking in this endeavor. *nod nod* :-)

Good luck to the rest of you!


12 December 2006, 05:50 PM
All right I did some work on this.

This shows the joint orientation of the Torso. I went with an IK Spline setup so that I can get a smoother deformation of the spine in general. I linked up the clusters to two IK Curves so that an animator can control the base and the tip of the spine. I limited the controls on the tip to Rotate and translate and the controls on the base to rotate.

I went a little more in depth with this setup and implemented an FK chain as well. The FK chain is constrained to the IK chain and will allow an animator to fine tune the spine's movements.

This shows some basic deformation of the spine using the setup. The mesh needs to be weighted properly (I used the default smooth binding for testing purposes)

I'm also including a capture of my hypergraph thus far to help illustrate the relations between my joints and nodes.

Comments and critiques are welcome as well as any other helpful information. I did have one questions for this sort of setup though - should I implement an IK/FK switch for the spine so that the animator has a choice in which method he or she wishes to animate in? Thanks in advance.


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12 December 2006, 05:50 PM
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