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03 March 2002, 02:14 AM
This is a character I created that got put on hold. He's close to completion just needs some more texture work esp. on the mech arm and the seams. Which brings me to my question... How does everyone deal with seams? Do you use a 3d paint program and make reference marks? Do you position your seams along seams that occur in the model (ex. arm meets t-shirt)?

I just got a hold of Deep Paint and I messed around a bit trying to smudge my textures across the seams with little success. Anyhow I'd love to hear other people's methodology here.

03 March 2002, 02:23 AM
Nice design. Some work on right hand of this guy should give excellent bastard in result :)
When comes co to seams - after unwrapping, in Photoshop (or Painter or etc) I copy fragment of texture from one side of seam and paste in on second side. It requires some trying to "hit" exact pixel position and some combination to hide seam which result from copy/paste, but usually is efficient.
And, of course, it's better to make seams where any "natural" edge is in model (but in organic character you rather not have chance to avoid seams)


03 March 2002, 02:36 PM
Seams are always a problem. Best way I find to deal with them is planning, although usually thats on the fly. Try to put them wherever there is a natural seam, i.e. arm meets sleeve or trousers meet waist etc, or where there would be a seam in the clothing anyway, like along the tops of the shoulders or down the sides of the legs & actually paint the seam in, or where there is a large & sudden shift in colour or tone. Failing that, put them where they will be seen least. Bare arms tend to get the seam along the underside, as that will be facing the body most of the time, wrists you can always add a prop like a watch or bracelet. For those areas where you can't get away with anything, I usually use an area of the base colour on both sides of the seam so it will match, blend it in to the rest of the texture further up the (whatever) & add some noise to lessen the flat look. Oh I also smudge over the wireframe template to make sure. I found this absolutely necessary when using bobo's vertex lighting method that he posted on here a while back, as teporter tends towards aliased edges & simply blurring the layer slightly didn't do it.
Wow. That was more than I intended to write.

03 March 2002, 03:12 PM
Ok to fix seems in deep paint is very possible. I have a limited understanding of this and have only seen it so keep this in mind. In Deep Paint theres a button at the top called projection paint. That seems to help a lot with getting rid of seams. I wish I could help you on how to use this tool but I'm not sure how the entire process works. If and when I learn how I'll let ya know but you might want to look into that. My only suggestion with your model is to treat your light and dark areas differently. Instead of using white for the highlights use a warm color[orange,red] and for the dark areas use a cool color[blue, purple] Its an easy adjustment in photoshop, you might like the results. Good Luck.

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