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02 February 2003, 10:28 AM
Hi Guys!

I'm a student; been using lightwave for a few years and now in my final year of studies in England.

For one of my final modules I have to create a flowing, organic animation. The modelling's ok (kinda nice actually) but the animation is a problem.

You see, most people are using 3D Studio max, with Character studio. I just have the basic Lightwave 6 setup. So other students get characters walking around all nice and easy, while I'm stuck with key-framing a IK, boned model which looks pretty lame!

Are there any good online tutorials that will get me from the basics to something that resembles a character walking?! I've SCOURED the forum, and a lot of the character animation I see is advanced, with what looks like plugins and extra software. I've zero budget, so any extra plugins or software would need to be free!

You guys seem to know the answers to everything, and would be really thankful for any advice! :thumbsup:

I can upload some images of how the character is rigged if it would help?

All the best!


02 February 2003, 11:17 AM
do you mean the "WALK" plugin? i dont think its out yet:p
i didnt realy undrstood your problem.. is it with the rig or with the animation.. if its with the animation then you should start looking for reference stuff like in
btw i really hate the instant walking with the character studio.. it can be ok in the hand of a skilled animator but usually for begginers i recommend to do a walk cycle without any automation in it just plain FK (or IK ) and keyframes

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