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12 December 2006, 05:34 PM
I havenīt decided to boost up to vue 6 infinite some questions about the volumetric clouds..both the metaclouds..and the spectral cloudlayers..
What I have seen looks very nice in some cases..and others not so good..of course depending on how skilled the persons are creating the clouds.

Generally from what I can that most of the renders gives a flat look to the clouds..
I would like to se some samples of clouds that has a little more depth, stronger opacity or density mainly at the bottom..middle section of the clouds..

My question about this much can be controlled to darken or strengthen the opacity,density for the clouds?....would be nice if someone can show a sample of just that..
most of what I have seen looks very much the same and a little to flat without depth.


12 December 2006, 10:01 AM
when it comes to metaclouds you dont have that much control over creating the cloud shapes, itīs all about lightning and such things as godray intensity, opacity, density and cover.

You can also set the cloud roughness, variations and uniformity and edit if it cast both internal and external shadows.

Sure you can tweak itīs density settings with the vue function editor, which brings out alot more control, seeing that alot of new and not so advanced users usualy avoid that part of vue i guess thatīs the biggest difference maker in the renders youīve seen, besides the obvious difference in the artists skill and understanding of art.

as for spectral cloudlayers theyīll add some additional controls and possibilities but youīll of course loose the ability to manualy move them like you can with the spectral clouds.

hope iīll helped you out alittle :)

im personaly making use of both since they complement each other greatly so for me combining them in the same scenes brings out the best of vueīs clouds.

12 December 2006, 06:54 PM
Thankīs mike H..
thats what I thought..Im sure the volumetric clouds..both metaclouds and spectral layers can be tweaked with the function editor and density channel..or even other filters such as gamma,gain or roughness to get more darker bottoms or more depth to the clouds..

One trick that I use for vue 5 just to raise contrast way over the 100% wich means
entering the value numericly to be able to do that, it can give some cool darker clouds but needs some corrections as to lower the density instead..but this was for the vue 5 clouds..donīt know how that looks on vue 6 clouds.

Another thing that seems to give a characteristic Vue cloud the type of procedural used for the spectral clouds..guess many uses the same type,I donīt know what kind of procedural type that is and how much it can be altered..and if theres some other good function. that can give good looking clouds, I havenīt seen the billowing perlin noise cloud type..simular to that of terragen2 perlin billow type...those are looking very realistic.

Would really be sweet with lots of variations and options to choose from when it comes to
procedurals. the library of good procedurals in the function editor is a little to thin least for vue 5..yee..wish I could get all those wonderful procedurals in lightwave converted to vue..for example gardner clouds,wheather clouds, and IFW2 planet clouds ..those are awesome...maybe some genius can do such a conversion tool? then I start believing in santa again:)


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12 December 2006, 06:54 PM
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