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12 December 2006, 03:25 PM
next one with Ninja rig
its still not completed (few bugs with camera and characters) but you may look and write me some comments before I end this
sorry for low quality render


12 December 2006, 06:26 PM
Wow, nice animation! Fight scenes are always challenging to make.

I believe when the 'good' ninja is holding up the bad ninja #2, the bad ninja could have his arms jolting downwards a little more to exagerrate the upward motion of the body.

Then when good ninja pins him down his body could recoil a little more and arms bouncing a little bit as he hit ground. Right now, he looks like he has anticipated the fall with his arms before impact, so it looked really subtle. Perhaps that was part of the story?

Everything else looks top notch, well done!

12 December 2006, 09:33 PM
The overall animation is good. I really liked the initial hit when the white ninja swings around his homies neck and takes him down. After he falls on his back, his knees go through his shoulders though. I think you need to add some overlapping action to the third guys left arm after he throws his punch, it's to stiff. There is also a floating belt behind ninja 3 for a few frames right after the punch happens. When the white ninja swings his right arm around it over extends, that you can fix by simply adjusting some curves. After the white ninja springs to his feet you have the two characters intersecting at the knees. I like the timing of everything in that part though, very fast and well executed. You definately need to work on that camera, its all over the place.I hope this helps. Keep up the good work.:thumbsup:

12 December 2006, 06:36 AM
nakimushi!! glad to see you again! :D and awesome animation as usual! i love how crazily-badass this ninja dude is. you cant wait for assassin's creed can you?

so, in my first impression the beginning jump was insane.. great timing, great poses.. but as mentioned, the legs of the enemy go thru the arms. the camera i really have no issue with, but if you moved it less in space, and more just panning/tilting, that would help a lot.

the 2nd enemy needs way more wind-up on that punch. when i first watched this part of it everything seems to slow down, so definitely keep them both moving at extreme poses. they both pause for a sec, when they should be fightin. at the end, i'd suggest pushing the hero's punch as well. more of a pause after he throws him down so he can have time to put more force into the punch. but other than that it's lookin badass as usual! keep it up dude!


12 December 2006, 07:28 AM
Lookin good, lots of energy and lots of effort. A few things here too look at:

1. camera moves too much, and is too computery. Try to tone it down a bit, make it more physically realistic (could a cameraman or observer do this?) I really like the dash at the end, but since the camera moves at the same time as the dash, you miss it. Same goes for the beginning when the white ninja lands. Are you moving the camera to try and hide something ;)

2. The "caught" punch--feels a bit too weightless and not like he's absorbing the impact. I would push that part a bit more

3. Weight disappears after the leg sweep. Zap, the dark grey ninja is suddenly on the moon

4. The last punch is a tad too slow maybe? Lacks the "Kapow" of the earlier attacks

5. Also, just noticed on the very first white ninja landing, there need to be more residual energy on his landing--he just kinda hits the pose and freezes. After a leap like that, his body would absorb the landing a bit more, and move residually (fluctuates and balances). I also think he could GET to the landing pose a bit snappier before he absorbs the landing. its a bit even-feeling right now. I think the reason you're getting away with it right now is because of critique #1 ;)

6. Grey ninja #2, his arms reach their landing pose before his body does--I think they'd impact and flop a bit instead of getting magnetized to the ground. Here's a chance to have some fun with them. Also, have his head bounce off the ground or something, it also just hits the ground and dies (no residual energy)

Okay, that looks like a lot of critique, but its not to say its bad! This is a nice piece, but it can be AWESOME. Keep bangin on it

12 December 2006, 01:48 PM
thanks guys and welcome mistasam ;)
tomorrow I will show you some update
hope it will be much better

12 December 2006, 11:13 AM
ok here is update and I think the last version
I am not happy with camera and some moves but I cant write now put more time on that animation

12 December 2006, 03:10 AM
ok starting from the beginning

theres some ik popping on your run cycle when the character first enters the frame

(right leg, as he passes through the archway.)

the first "ninja" to get taken down, doesn't try and track or even look at his opponent, when he gets his head grabbed he moves his arms to brace against his fall this makes your scene look choreographed. have the first "ninja" that gets taken down attempt to throw his punch and his opponent (although i dont agree with the move and you would probably never do this in a fight situation nor would i personally include something so "wwf" in anything i would animate) that way when he gets taken off his feet it's much more abrupt like the guy actually got his ass kicked, dont have him brace his fall and make his feet fly out from under him much sooner (think real and less choreography)

the reason that i disagree with the move the main "ninja" uses is as follows.

the way that you have him animated right now, and how i've seen this done in the past on wrestling is that the person performing the move lays flat out, to pull your legs up as far as you have this character do doesn't quite look right especially since he pulls his legs up so far. but thats more of an astetic critique than anything, everyone has thier own way of telling the story.

where is the second attacking "ninja" punching to? the hero "ninja" isn't catching his punch as much as the second attacking "ninja" is just punching the hero "ninja"s hand. this reaks of star wars fanfilm choreography, you know the kind where people choreograph light saber battles, but concentrate more on hitting the lightsabers togehter than actually making sure they are aiming at each other. have the second attacking "ninja" aim at the hero "ninja"s face, and then see how much you have to change the hero "ninja"s position.

the hero "ninja" recovers from the blow after striking into the attackers elbow by sweeping his leg. if you frame through this even though the hero "ninja" is pushing off his front foot there is no way for him to recover from this position, if he sweeps his leg around and manages to really plant it on the ground he'll still fall over. not to mention there wouldn't be enough power behind an attack like this to actually sweep the opponent (whos weight is on the front leg) out. i think if you really tried to do this you would hurt yourself in some capacity.

the end of the animation is really kinda jumbled, somehow the enemy ends up in the air and then gets thrown down, there is alot of flailing here but no defined poses or attitudes.

go back and define your poses first before adding so much motion, not only will it benefit your animation but you'll also have stronger poses and attitudes and the animation wont float so much.

12 December 2006, 06:23 PM
wow neat stuff.... love it... tho i agree with gunslingerblack... also there r some parts were the legs seem to be passing through each other... plus when he takes down the 2nd ninja, doesn't feel like he's slamming him down, more like he's placing him on the ground... there is no impact feel there... good job otherwise... can't wait 2 see more of this

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