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02 February 2003, 07:48 AM
:D i am happy to be here :) so much to see :)
This is a poster made as apromotion for my upcoming graphical novel wich i hope will have this same ilustacion style please tell me ur opinions on anything all critics are wellcome :) i hope u like the image.

02 February 2003, 08:49 AM
Nice colors, and I like the background, though some things bother me. First off, the face looks pretty weird, especially around the lips. I'd make them look less puckered/strange, also the chin below them looks too small. His left arm (on the right of the image) has pinches WAY too much when it comes off his torso and the 'shoulder pad' objects are very inconsistent in their size/location. Looks a bit odd like that.

The patterns on his chest seem to be distorted/twisted for no apparent reason, I'd rework that to make it a more rigid + refined. It also looks strange to have the legs essentially symetrical, one of the inherent ideas behind a good pose is to not be symetrical. The anatomy on the thighs also seems to 'bubbly'/weird. I'd double check how you did that. Also, the perspective seems off on the feet, I don't think they are shaped quite right on the inside edge.

One other thing is the 'black scribbly bits' in the background, they seem completely unneccessary and pointless. I'd ditch that as it is very apparent that it's essentially random scribbling instead of any real shading method.

02 February 2003, 11:38 AM
first thanks for the critic you really nailed me here, in more than one thing :)
now this is my opinion of the critic:

I agree:
I agree the structutural shape of the armor can use some work, i agree too on the suggestion on the left arm (rigth side ont the image ) arm should be sorter.
The chest seccion of the armor could be refined as well. the anathomy of the feet can, will be refined as well as all the other pointers u gave me on the strucure of the armor.
the chin has that size cause he is looking down, but you are rigth i execed my self with that pointy angle so ill change that oh and the lips will be fixed too as well.

I donīt agree:
As for the "bubbly'" feeling that was the effect i was looking for, a very smoth refletive material almost glass like.
The carceter has this armor almost on all his body so he will look "bubbly'" on all the anothomy.
The simetrical shape of the leggs are like that simply because when you look down that is the most confortable way to do it do i can make a bit of a change of angle there but if u are are on a situp posicion that is the posicion that the legs will have or at least very similar.
Defiene shading metod for me? i made a texture that resembled rock has sharply made as posible, my lights seems on the righ posission i really dont get exactly what u mean with that comment but ill apreciate further comments so that, so i can understad what u mean (i wanna learn).
keep sending me feedback so that i learn to make a real realistic picture :)
god knows that the image is not perfect so any onther sugesstions are more than wellcome i will make changes and ask opinions so that u can review my progress is good to be here the critics are top noch :)

02 February 2003, 04:28 PM
nice poster and i like the colour too. the background is wonderful and the armor is good!!!!!:thumbsup:

but in my opinion, the pose of the character is unnatural to me and the hip part is somehow too short.
the knees are obviously too wide for this pose.

but if this is your final output, just leave my crit alone. :) :)

02 February 2003, 04:44 PM
I pretty much agree with everything LPlasma said. The pose is especially strange. Even if it is possible(I'm sure it is), it isn't very natural looking...especially for a male. Must guys would probably go down on one knee to check something out.
The right arm looks almost detached from the figure and the left has some weirdness happening around the elbow area.
I don't really have a problem with the background. However, it seems that the guy and the background aren't rendered in the same style, which makes the character kind of not fit in with the environment as much. I would prefer to see a different background in the same style as the guy. It is a nicely painted background, though.....I like the loose style, but maybe on something else.
I'd also like to see a few more bubbles of diffrent sizes breaking off of that splashing liquid....smaller bubbles.
There are a lot of great things going on in this pic. I really dig your rendering style on the liquid and the character. :wip: :beer:

02 February 2003, 01:39 AM
thanks so much for all the good comments/critics.
i am glad u all taked the time to post ur opinions about the image, i seen the work of all of you and let me tell you that i am impresed with the quality of all of your work. :)
I will make changes to the image so that you can comment again and see if the image looks good enougth.
This seems like the kinda of forum where u really learn a lot so thanks :D

I ma freaking happy this are the best critics that i have read i long time :)

02 February 2003, 07:37 AM
please tell me ur opinions of this corrections so that i donīt mess up this drawing again :D

I made a full body drawing of the caracter un paper, and the super posted it on top of my poster, and voulá i have seen all my errors on proporcions.
I made the other drawing with out a proper amount of sckechs on papers so , i missed out some things that now i can see, this should be a lesson to me "always make a good amount of studies before makeing the final prouduct.
i will make the corrections on proporcions and i will post the corrected images as soon as i fix all the things u sugestted :) thanks a lot for the feed back it was very usefull.

02 February 2003, 05:24 PM
hi maxetormer, it's me again. :)
it is right that you draw the basic body to see how it deform under certain pose. and i see there is a much natural pose in your new drawing. that's nice!!
however i think you can try some more poses but not only stick on this one. sorry for my poor english and i don't know how to explain my idea clearly. here i provide my little sketch that is based on your original idea. of course i am not forcing you to do the same but i hope it can give you some inspiration on the works you are working on. :beer: :beer:
good luck man:bounce:

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