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12 December 2006, 03:11 AM
Hi all, this is a pose test for the short I'm working on. I'd love to hear what people have to say about the story and pacing, and what would improve it!?

I do intend to stick with a locked camera so I can focus on body movement, but a slow motion pan during the kick would be awesome too. So we'll see.

12 December 2006, 05:24 AM
Hey man :)

nice, the story is nice, I like it and it's funny. the part where she is threatning him with her hand gesture, it's a bit too long and I didn't quiet get it, maybe it's better to have her kick it when she is marching towards it with fury, or trying to kick it but it runs, then she does the gesture. The rest from that point is simply nice :)

As for the spacing, well it seems holding up. the first few jumps are a bit slow for the distance it's jumping. and the last kick is long! are you planning to have it play in slow speed? Actually the whole sequence since picking it up, kissing it then kicking it is slow.

Anyway nice job, can't wait to see how it's going to look once you start adding those inbetweens :) nice job :)



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12 December 2006, 05:24 AM
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