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12-15-2006, 07:26 AM

I've worked a bit with Maya Fur in Maya 7, but now that I've started using Maya 8, I've noticed that the fur maps, for some reason, randomly change after I paint them. This has happened on different files and for different projects and on different computers. Ive tried saving out the maps and manually mapping them later and also baking the maps, and so far nothing has worked. Has anyone else expirienced this? Did I forget a step? Any ideas??


12-15-2006, 04:56 PM
are your maps unbaking? I've run into a situation where whenever I scrubbed the timeline all of my fur maps unbake and the default placement of hte fur on hte surface pops up, losing all the info I piped into various attributes. Let me know, I may be able ot lend some assistance.

12-15-2006, 05:35 PM
No, i dont think so, when the maps get screwed up it kind of looks like the maps randomly repaint themselves... Like for the baldness map, ill have one area painted 0, but somewhere in the prosess it changes and there are random patches of bald areas...

I also havent even started playing the timeline yet and the uvs look fine, they arnt changing...



12-15-2006, 10:37 PM
Hmmm, how many maps do you have linked? Just baldness? if you have color maps for tip and base hair colors do their connections break as well and turn white?

12-16-2006, 12:55 AM
I have length, baldness, direction, inclination, and the custom equilazer. I dont have any color maps...

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