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12 December 2006, 07:13 AM
Hi there,

i'm using muhHair for Shave and Haircut to achieve short animal fur, the rendering is fast and the look is great using muhHair with mentalray hair primitive rendering method. But soon i encounter the texture problem for the muhHair. the following is the attached image, the left one is the procedural checker texture with hair in wireframe mode, the right is the rendered output, the checker texture don't seem to be right. I even tried with the file texture (checker), then i got the same output too. Is there any suggestion or guidelines to get the muhHair texturing works?

By the way, i'm using Francesca Luce's method of getting the root and tip color. the hypershade network image is the way i work out the muhHair shader and assign to the shave hair.


12 December 2006, 09:25 AM
Sorry guys,

just found out the problem is not because of the muhHair shaders, even when I render the shave hair with lambert (checker) assigned + hair primitive rendering method, the output is the same also, the textures doesn't work right. I thinking, is that because of the shave and hair primitive problem that cause this artifact?


12 December 2006, 09:30 AM
I encounter the similiar problem. I am using primitive hair and a lambert shader and I get the same result as abeove.
I ended up using maya hair and it solved the problem. but problem is maya hair is very hard for shaping the hair. PLs if u have found a solution post i here...


12 December 2006, 08:08 PM
Hi guys

I don't have shave, but I just succeeded in rendering hair (not fur) with muhhair and MR. I thought that Ctrl_fur would not work with pfxhair. I was wrong. Actually you can apply any mr shader to maya hair. Just write the name of the pfxhair node instead of the fur description.

Question: has shave+haircut any option to explicitly switch to MR hair primitives, or does the geometry shader itself (ctrl_fur) use hair primitives?

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12 December 2006, 08:08 PM
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