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12 December 2006, 04:31 PM
1- One great feature of Painter than can only be simulated in Photoshop is the ability to trace work from a layer below your canvas. This allows you to interpret images you have photographed but in any style of watercolour, oil or pencil style you choose.

2- While Painter's main claim to fame seems to be the huge number of brushes offerred, most artists use a very small sub set. It is wise if you're learning Painter or playing with it again after a long absence to limit yourself to a fairly small set of brushes and paper stocks. To help get you up and running quickly, you can download a simple custom Palette here with our favorite brushes for fast mock up work. (tip: You can remove a brush by holding shift then drag it out of the palette, to move the contents of a palette about, again hold shift then drag.)

3- Painter has improved dual monitor support in Windows by 9.1 version. You no longer have to stretch the application window across both monitors. Palettes, toolbars and the toolbox can now be moved outside the application window. Dialog boxes will appear on the same monitor as the active canvas.

4- The Airbrush has been significantly improved over Painter IX, resulting in much smoother appearance

5- Most importantly, when repeatedly saving and opening PSD files, color degradation no longer occurs. Support for nested groups in the PSD file format has also been improved. Nested layer groups will now appear as you would expect. There has also been improvements to watercolours and art pens.

6- Painter has three primary techniques

a. Brush characteristics - the brush stoke
b. The interactions of the stokes with each other.
c. The canvas. Not only can the canvas be instantly spun around to draw from any angle - just like a piece of paper on a desk but also the canvas itself has a texture which in turn affects the flow, shape and density of the drawn line. This also extends to being able to see through the page

7- You can open Adobe Photoshop files in Corel Painter IX. On the Mac, you can even drag files from Photoshop directly into Painter. When you open files saved in Photoshop (PSD) file format, the layer masks, alpha channels, and layer sets (layer groups) are maintained. The layers in Photoshop behave in a familar way in Painter. New layers are added above the selected layer, layers with different merge modes are collapsible, and multiple layers can be hidden or displayed by simply clicking and dragging.

(any additional details, knowledges, tips, comments and opinions about Painter will be MUCH appreciated.. thanks)

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12 December 2006, 04:31 PM
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