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02 February 2003, 08:13 PM

I thought I'd put this here - with regard to the current deleting of 'silly' threads in General Discussion, I agree 100% that completely random topics bear no interest for readers of this forum, and that the best way to stop them clogging everything up is to remove them...

But there is another side to the 'sillyness' - community.

People like it if they have 'in-jokes' (xdugef, celery - admittedly I'm biased toward the celery... :D) and people like ribbing each other. It makes everyone connect and the whole place seem friendlier. It's like IRC - it gives you more of a flavour for peoples personalities and help you connect to them.

You just have to look at the cross referenced jibes and in-jokes in the Challenge areas to see that this isn't a bad thing... Even moderators like Leigh post in silly threads, because they're fun (I noticed the 'have you got fingers' thread mysteriously remained after the others were deleted... :p )

You can either be 'professional' - in the context that all discussions of a strictly CG related nature. Or you can alienate people by deleting threads that peope share a joke in...

I know that moderating isn't as easy as 'delete this' - 'leave that'. But if I saw a thread that had a large number of my boards members chatting away to each other, I would think twice before branding it 'unproffesional' and removing it... you'll only distance yourselves from your members.

So I post this not because I need support with the forum, but because I think the forum needs this supported...

(and because celery is evil)

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