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12 December 2006, 02:12 PM
alright guys, here it is. very rough, and needs some crits, but i got a start at least... the knees are popping too. anyone know how to fix this?


12 December 2006, 07:26 PM
You have a nice start here. :thumbsup: Let me see if I can offer some suggestions for improvement. First I would add a frame counter to your WIP's to help people leave feedback about specific frames. For the next comments I will be using the UCS on the lower lefthand corner of your shot to describe the axis in question because I don't know what the axis of each individual control is. I'm also assuming that you are going for a standard walk cycle here so all of my comments are based on that assumption.

It looks like you are rotating the hips in "y" unevenly for each step. Its good to have assymmetry in your walks but I think the values are a bit too far apart right now. Go into the graph editor, and try and even them up a bit. One way to really notice this is to look at the legs on the heel strike poses. The right leg gets a nice straight every time, and the left leg is bent everytime. This also makes the character feel like it has a bit of a limp. Watch your spacing on the hip translation it feels a bit even right now. When animating the hips most of the time it is helpful to think of them kinda like a bouncing ball, with tighter spacing in the apex of the arc and larger spacing closer to the ground. This will help with the illusion of weight. The final passing pose (mid step) just before he exits the frame his way off balance in the wrong direction. The basic physics behind a walk is that the character is always off balance but you want the hips to be set in front of the feet not behind on the passing poses. One more thing about the passing pose in the hip translation the passing pose is not the highest point of the arc. It is typically the pose halfway between the passing pose, and the heel strike pose.

About the knee popping, here are a few things that might help clear it up. First off since you are using ik legs (definitly recommended for walks) if you get the legs in a perfectly straight pose there will always be a pop. A good trick is to pose the legs out in a totally straight pose, and then in the graph editor you can slightly adjust the values so that the leg still looks perfectly straight, but they are not locked in place. Since you are doing a straight walk in an orthographic view I think it might be helpful to take the knee polvecter controls, and instead of animating them for eac step try posing them out of frame about 50% the length of the frame, and themn leaving them in place for the whole shot. Another thing to think about since this is an orthographic shot is that eevn though it is. don't forget to add some "x" translation in the hips anyway. Not having the "x" trans in there could also be contributing to the knee pops

Last thing the feet seem to be sliding around a bit your going to want to lock them down in place translation wise when they are on the ground. Also I think you are rolling up on to the balls of the feet just a bit early. I would leave them flat on the ground on the passing poses, and then roll onto the balls of the feet (weighted foot) between the passing pose, and the heel strike pose instead. Watch the spacing on the feet too they seem to be easing on to the a bit too much. Again you want to be thinking of the bouncing ball here, but instead of having a standard half circle, or half oval shaped arc the arc will be a bit more like a half a peanut shell shape with the wider end toward the back of the step when the foot pushes off the ground.

I hope these comments are helpful and are clear.

Happy Animating!! :)

12 December 2006, 08:04 PM
wow very nice crits. thanks man. im thinking i'll just start over again from the drawing board. thats what usually works for me. just try and try again until it gets ground into my head instead of tweaking just one thing for a day or so. i'll keep those thoughts in mind!

12 December 2006, 10:27 PM
i redid a few walks and i dont think im getting any better. it feels like the software is holding me back somehow. any tips on getting realistic looking walks? thanks

12 December 2006, 02:02 AM
I would suggest doing some reference from live action to see exactly where the feet are hitting and the timing. Animators Survival Kit is a big help if its not too obvious.

The one thing I have learned is that even in a realistic animation you have to push it a little so the audience can read it. I would say pushing the hip movement and rotation might help this for starters.

Matt -

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12 December 2006, 02:02 AM
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