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11 November 2006, 06:02 PM
I have a slight problem with a little piece I got togeather. I'm drawing it with pen on paper but I can't seem to get the lightning right, it just looks dull and flat whatever I seem to do. I figured someone here might prod me in the right direction.

Its for a story board from a short movie some friends are making but I liked the proposition so I drew a bigger version and want to color it sooner or later.

Anyway, I cant figure out how to draw the blackness in the moon or the lightning/shading on the scrap mountain the robot is sitting on. Its supposed to be pretty dark and the shading seems easy enough, just a cylinder with backlightning. The spots in the sky is a light snowfall.

Any help appretiated.

11 November 2006, 09:18 PM
Lighting at night is indeed a tricky, uhm problem. Your lightsource is in frame even, the moon is the primary source of light at night. The sky will scatter a fair amount of that light about, but in this scene much of everything would be very dark except for the moon, the sky and few areas of rimlighting or spill light.

Dark part of the moon - you won't see! It's dark! No light no visibility. You can however imply that it's there by filling in most of the lit areas but leaving the slightest gap - almost like the letter C.

I think you might have an easier time with this if you add some secondary lighting, perhaps a warm orangey streetlight from an unknown origin? Would do wonders for form as well.

Hope my rambling helps... cheers!

11 November 2006, 11:36 PM
Hey man

I threw a little color on your sketch just to show you what I mean, hard to explain in words. The coloring is kinda sucky, but I hope I make my point :)

As T-Scholes said, it would prolly be cool with a secondary lightsource (the green in this case). It would help light the robot a little, which I see I forgot to do. The rest would just be backlighting, creating a rim on the hill and the robot. This could possibly create an interesting silhouette if you made it so the light part of the moon would be behind the robot. Also, it's always cool to push contrasts in the picture, so I put a dark cloud in front of the moon where it would meet the lit hill and therefore be sort of the same value.

Good luck with the coloring, hope it will kick ass and that I helped some.


12 December 2006, 08:01 PM
Thrillions of thanks guys! I don't know if I could ever thank you enough (that "kind of sucky" coloring is probably a thousand times better than I have done in my life btw :D ,but I guess practice makes perfect).

Great advices! maybe I'll try coloring it on the computer next instead (to save me some precious markers -or hair, while experimenting).

The story is about the robot who gets an petty assignment it isn't made for and people including its creator soon forget it even existed. It keeps working and working and building that huge mountain of electronic spare-parts for something nobody needs. The halfmoon was supposed to symbolize time running away (a full moon is kind of an climax isn't it?). Guess I'm thinking too hard instead of practicing painting hehe.

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