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11 November 2006, 04:31 AM
So im working on my first low poly house and Ive come up on a little trouble
I dono if I modeled incorrectly or what but i dont understand why there is a shadow on the top of the roof
any help would be great

11 November 2006, 04:40 AM
What software you using? If you mean that slight shadow around the edges of the roof then it looks like the normals are being softened on the roof. Select the roof section tell your software not to soften them.

11 November 2006, 04:42 AM
Im useing 3ds max
do you know of any smoothing group tutorials or how I might go about doing what your saying

11 November 2006, 05:00 AM
Press F1 whilst in Max and search the manual for "smoothing groups".


11 November 2006, 07:46 AM
3ds Max has great documentation so take advantage of it. Aside from whats been said, you can find the smoothing group options under edit poly w/ the polygon sub-object mode selected, under the polygon properties roll out.

One thing to keep in mind, when working in 3ds max most of your lighting will be vertex based (in the viewport). Well, even most game engines use vertex lighting (though some support per-pixel lighting). What this means for you is that that far back corner that is so dark may not just be poor smoothing groups. 3ds Max has to light all of those faces based on data from that one vertex. Adding more vertices's will increase the quality of lighting. As well, the window up front that has many sharp, small 'sliver' triangles will light funny in a game engine. Rule of thumb is try and keep the faces nice an even.

Its a good start. Keep at it.

11 November 2006, 09:32 AM
AH ha I should have been checking my vert's
for some wierd reason there were 3 in the top of boath roofs that didnt weld not sure why so I just re biult and made sure I welded them

Well Im making 16 low poly vegas houses for my arch studio to place on my site critz are welcome
here are two texturing on the way

11 November 2006, 01:05 PM
Looking good, although some of the edges don't seem necessary/don't sense.

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11 November 2006, 01:05 PM
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