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02-12-2003, 04:33 PM
http://www.cgnetworks.com/galleryimages/557/Valentine_medium.jpg (http://www.cgnetworks.com/galleryimages/557/Valentine.jpg)

This is a painting I've specially painted for my gf. We've been broken up for a month now. I really hope i do a little something to patch things up.
hope u guys can give me some comments.

here's the lowrez compression.

and this is the link to the higher rez compression.

this is a painting at the size of 2640x3787 pixels. 300dpi.
going to be printed on a framed canvas and a jigsaw puzzle. Happy Valentine~!

02-12-2003, 04:35 PM
beautiful work KFC, keep em coming! wonderful painting.:wip:

02-12-2003, 05:09 PM
oh... i've almost forgoten about this. It's my Work In Progress of this image.
WIP of LOVE DEVOTION (http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=40807)

02-12-2003, 05:20 PM
She MUST come back to you, when she sees this!!!

02-12-2003, 05:24 PM
hooray! nice! :applause: :applause: :bounce:

02-12-2003, 05:34 PM
Amazing! Though with this painting you wonīt need any, I wish you the best of luck for your "task" =) Itīs a great painting and she must be blind to ignore it!


02-12-2003, 05:36 PM
Wow! Front page quality... :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

A work this beautiful is clearly from the heart! I wish you and your loved one all the best. :)

02-12-2003, 06:10 PM
really well finished:thumbsup: you got my 5*'s

02-12-2003, 06:17 PM
The rendering of her is amazing.. looks very good... well done, I hope she appreciates it! :love:


1. I'd crop the sky a little bit, to put more focus on the girl.

2. Also, check the (white) highlights in her hair. Hair tends to not bleech out, (and not move towards white), it keeps a lot of color even when lit directly. See your values in skin tones and the clothes; beautifully executed. Same goes here. Keep hair values closer, much tighter.

02-12-2003, 10:04 PM
simply amazing =)
congrats on finishing.
Good luck with getting her back, but just think positive about it. If you don't get back with her look at the up side that you'll find the right one and she just wasn't her =)

02-12-2003, 10:39 PM
very nice... beautiful painting! :applause:

02-12-2003, 11:35 PM
The wip progress is priceless.
Beautiful image, if she doesnīt come back, iīm yours :D

02-13-2003, 12:58 AM
looks great. very nice work :)

02-13-2003, 01:02 AM
thats so awesome, i hope she likes it :D

02-13-2003, 01:04 AM
I was wondering how long it would take to get on the front page. Well deserved too.:thumbsup:

02-13-2003, 01:22 AM
Beautiful painting :thumbsup:

02-13-2003, 01:29 AM
Really really nice... I'll be touched if i'm the girl

Hope you get back with her soon.:)

02-13-2003, 01:32 AM
wow. looks good!!!

02-13-2003, 01:46 AM
good luck dude

02-13-2003, 02:33 AM
i think she will have your baby.

02-13-2003, 02:33 AM
Originally posted by Akuma
[]D [] []v[] []D [] []\[]
wtf? is []D [] []v[] []D [] []\[]

02-13-2003, 02:42 AM
i think she will have your baby.
I know i would.:thumbsup:

(if i was a woman)

02-13-2003, 02:48 AM
wow, im proud my lecturer is on the front page! HOOOORAY! Excellent work! she'll definately appreciate it!

02-13-2003, 03:09 AM
2) great work, but was the reason she broke up with you because you weren't giving her enough nice presents. often the only real present a girl wants is your time (to listen to her and make her feel special). Try communicating first, you'll find that girl friends will stick around longer than if you just give them presents.


The Magic Pen
02-13-2003, 03:10 AM
My god man that is truly masterful painting...wow !!!!!!!!!!! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

Ben Shore
02-13-2003, 03:14 AM
Originally posted by Madmaxs
wtf? is []D [] []v[] []D [] []\[]

I'm pretty sure that says pimpin... look close

*ahem* course this is a bit off topic, that painting rocks! :applause:

02-13-2003, 03:32 AM
Amazing.....good painting but will it helping u to bring her back to urs?! Good luck....:applause: :beer: :love:

02-13-2003, 03:34 AM
Man i hope it works out!!!Beautiful picture,and i love how you showed the steps..:love:

02-13-2003, 04:32 AM
great picture......um i am a traditional airbrush artist moving to digital and was using painter airbrush and told that was wrong for what i was looking for....so simply asking if you can tell me what brushes you used......for painting and blending....thanks and awesome work again

02-13-2003, 04:43 AM
mmm sexy sexy, is she single now?? what's her phone number :-)

Great work man :thumbsup:

02-13-2003, 06:30 AM
My girlfriend recently broke up with me and being creative is the only outlet I have for my sadness. This is just amazing stuff! If you frame that and give it to her I bet she comes back ;)

Good luck patching it up

02-13-2003, 07:06 AM
Great painting :thumbsup:

I hope your girlfriend will come back to you.

But kandykane is right that communication is the key to a long lasting relationship.

good luck. :)

02-13-2003, 07:17 AM
The portrait looks great. Hope things work out well for the both of you. She's sure to melt once you give this to her. Kandykanes probably right about the communication thing though. Like Chris Rock says,"...fellas ya gotta talk...women they love to talk, if they had talkin' in the olympics a man wouldn't stand a chance!" Keep us posted...

02-13-2003, 09:52 AM

02-13-2003, 10:32 AM
awesome work :eek:

02-13-2003, 10:42 AM
I think your girl friend should back to you
U have put your love in the picture!

support you!

02-13-2003, 11:47 AM
Truly amazing work. It will work out, belive me!! :beer:

02-13-2003, 12:55 PM
is it a photo underneath?

02-13-2003, 03:18 PM
If i am your ex-gf, i 'll cry.

nice work:applause: :applause:

02-13-2003, 04:12 PM
absolutely stunning painting, the lighting atmosphere colors, everything is perfect

wonderful work!

02-13-2003, 04:38 PM
hey there...... it's me from cgpark..... it's a nice piece of work and i hope ur gf will come back to u.......

02-13-2003, 05:46 PM
I think its wonderful of you to do such a thing. It is a beautiful painting! Sheīll be happy, iīm sure of that. I wish you all luck and i really do hope that she īll come back to you!

A bit construcitive critique :):
I agree to the hair, itīs a little bleached out on the top of her head. But thatīs the only thing iīve noticed as not perfect!


02-13-2003, 06:25 PM
Wow! I truly thought that you were referring to a composite! I was thinking you had painted the background and then added the girlfriend. After reading through and seeing the larger image I see now that it is a beautiful painting! If she doesn't go back to you after this....man you must have REALLY done something bad =(

Great work

02-13-2003, 06:26 PM
Woowzer...really beautifull :applause:

//Wish I could give my valentine such a great painting of herself :annoyed:

02-13-2003, 06:28 PM
I couldn't believe it's a painting until I saw the wips. :thumbsup:

Good luck with your gf, you deserved her :love:

[edited typos :D]

02-13-2003, 07:16 PM
Very beautiful. Good luck with the relationship. :airguitar

02-13-2003, 09:32 PM
:eek: wow very cool!

02-13-2003, 09:46 PM
I think you don't need more cheer,but I say it : >> Great work and very nice <<:thumbsup:

02-13-2003, 10:44 PM
Awsome painting. here's my crit 8)

1. I think the background is a little strong especially the area around the bottom of the pic. I think she should be brought to the main attention of the image, but the background and her seem to be competing. maybe thats just me, dunno if bluring the background or chaning the colors a little or what would work but anyways i think it could help 8)~

2. here toes look a little odd hehe, maybe her toes are shaped weird i know mine prolly are lol, but kinda pointy in parts, and also i can't make out the heel of the foot, something just looks odd there. Could be me tho lol and this is an awsome picture so don't think that im ssaying its not 8)~

Congrats. Good luck with the GF, i'd give you advice but im married to 2 women.. My computer at home ... and my computer at work... So i guess i prob won't be much help to you on those soft fleshy female things 8) hehehehehe..

02-13-2003, 11:04 PM
I really donno where shall i start from to thank all of u guys~! Feels very warm in my heart to have so much of encouragements from all over the net.

nibo, ceql, mental|disease, Pentagramma, shoey, henrik(my idol), Kamui, Pancreas, raffael3d, Akuma, UserDelta, Plasticbag, illOgic, SEPHROTH64, derelict, Madmaxs, Goon, ZVAN, kandykane, The Magic Pen, Ben Shore, lmc, LordEzzat, kraal, riki, Dr-spline, anti-shock, yipper, erikals, Atmos_Fear, cwoandrew, cwoandrew, torbjorn, halo, HapZungLam, xeno, funnydoodle, Cronium, sinthetic, KotsVlok, Milho, draconix, d4rk, Nima_3dman, 4dartist :

It's very nice of u guys to tell me not to gave up hope. i'm really appreciate it. and the encouragements, it really helps me to get my balls in order. Eventho i donno whether she'll be back to me or not. but I'll never gave up hope.

OggieBoogie and d0an : both of u are the greatest friend on earth. gaved me all of the support and encouragement since the beginning of the making of this painting. sorry that i've bugged u guys all night long when i was working on it.

Henrik : it's a real shock to see u giving me a post. I'm glad that u're giving me such a constructive suggestion. but too bad that i've already printed it when i saw ur msg. well... for the 2nd suggestion, I'll keep ur crits on mind until i've fully solve this problem. i would hope u can enlighten me a little because i'm not completely understand u meaning by bleeching out and move towards white. do u mean gradient? it would be nice if u willing to show me by painting over my image. kekeke.... a free lesson. BTW, ur work is kick ass~!

shoey : it took me about 2 weeks. didn't sleep for 5 days and almost fainted on 6th day.

ZVAN : keep doing what u are doing now. don't be late for class. Hahaha...

kandykane : i'm totally agree with u. actually back in the days when i was not officially occupied. i was so damm free that i can accompany her all the time. but since i've started my work in a college. i've trouble to sit down and talk to her like b4. but i do still find the time after work just to see her. I feels so relax to see her smile, it made me so relaxed that i've forgoten about the bitterness of everyday job. last Dec, it was the busiest moment in
my life. 3 animation project came in together. i've to work till very late at night (i do admit that i'm a workaholic). we lost alot of quality times togather. when we have the chance, there'll always be interuption between us.

kraal : well... the only brush i use in here is "Loaded Palette knife". i only know this when my colleage -Leo (lec of mine b4 i've stopped studying. he's a very good painter artist. the only part i use rouded camel hair is on the stars and the diamond ring.

riki : no! u can't have her number. i'll kill u if u touch any of her single hair. HAHAHAHHAHAHA~! u are way too handsome.

Dr-spline : haven't seen u for a long time. well... sorry for u too. we are on the same boat now. good luck on valentine.

anti-shock and yipper : communications. hmmmm.... i'm going to spend most of the time we meet on talking if she willing to give me a chance. perhaps taking her too much to theatre isn't help us on communications.

halo : hmm... photo underneath? hey, u should have mention it b4 i even start it. hahha... sounds like a faster way tho. next time i should really try using a photo to montage over. anyway, not to prove anything, but just to show u how many times i've failed and redo the painting again. http://splicewarestudios.com/kfc/works/valentine2003/rejected.jpg

HapZungLam : cry? go on... cry~! hahaha.... do u like to have my baby? LOL.

Funnydoodle : hi~! how have u been? i wasn't free to visits cgpark for a long time. mainly because of workloads and also cgpark is slows like hell even with broadband connection.

Cronium : I'll get back to the hair after valentine. and if i can fully understand with henrik's concept.

sinthetic : i really do hope i'm the one who did the guilty stuff. actually, she's the one who finds guilt in herself. that's why she don wanna see me so often. she says i made her feel bad to be appearing in front of her.

4dartist : great to have ur opinion here. i'll keep that in mind if i've a chance to do a new painting. I did considered about the whole competition between her and the background. instead of blurring the lotus, i've decrease the opacity of the lotus (it was suppose to be much more clearer). and the cloud are purposely left painted in quite a draft strokes. just to make it looks a little blurr in the way of paintings. maybe i'm not putting enuff effort on the whole depth yet. but i guess that's the least i can do until the deadline that i've only a few hours to get this printed. as for the toes, i guess i only can tell myself to study more anatomy. hahahaha~!

Thanks again guys~! Happy Valentine. Let's go to spend ur evening with ur loved one's to have a nice warm dinner. make love all around~!

(p.s. phew, took me almost half of my night to reply this tho. lost the whole msg on the 1st time when the server was down. i've retype this again and find that there were new posts coming in. aaaiisskk.... i've better stop here. time to get up for work.)

02-14-2003, 12:21 AM


This is Kingston here , your ex-school-mate, if u forgot who's me u can ask ur ex-lecturers...such a sweet and nice work.
Hows Leo? Hows Boon Lian and Seamus?.. miss them all alot, Can u sent me there Email address? ( in pm) so u r now working in theone... your gf is theone student also rite?... think she will back to u dun worry.. and thinking all the female in cgtalk will fall in u also ...kekeke... such a sweet guy.. keep it up, happy to see someone from theone's work here, so who else is here(cgtalk) can sent me their nick also. so hows the feeback from ur girl frind after u give her this painting ... ? good luck to u guy

02-14-2003, 12:31 AM
Depending on what happened to cause the breakup, you'll win her back with this ;). It's just incredible style. I love everything about this piece, especially the dress and the tranquility of the entire picture. well done!

You have received the CGtalk choice award .Please feel free to display this image anywhere you like! Keep rocking, you'll win her back!.

upon receiving this award, it guarantees you a spot in the cgtalk gallery hall of fame (http://gallery.cgtalk.com) - which you are now placed


P.S. Please email me @ tito@cgnetworks.com for the .psd file


02-14-2003, 01:03 AM
lol I just realized the date on the gallery entry says Feb 14th :) ah yeah you're winning her back for sure ;) Do let us know how it goes :D


02-14-2003, 02:01 AM
Thanks lildragon~!
u've just gave me the most meaningful gift of valentine day. I'm fully charged up to see her tonight. i'm totally speachless when i saw this award icon on this thread. i thought i was dreaming.

Thanks again for everyone who has gave me the courage tonight. May the force be with u~!

02-14-2003, 02:14 AM
haven't seen u for quite a long time tho. actually i'm surprise to see u here. i haven't forgoten u yet. i always remember a handsome and smart looking HK guy who used to be my senior here. really glad to see u here tho. and ur candy quest project was really successful tho. why don't u put it online?

btw, ur pix is still all over the promo magazine of "The One" tho. still can see ur faces whenever i entered creative dept. where they were the ppl incharge of the magazine design.

All the best wishes to u. good luck on ur career. I'm really envy of u that u've the chance to work in singapore. I've attached to alot of things here which i can't let go so soon. remember to make more hard cash and come back to buy us a luxurious dinner.

i'll send their email adress to u once i've inform them.
She's not the one student. she's actually an accountant from another college. anyway, there's not alot of girls around in this forum tho. I haven't give this painting to her yet until later tonight. let's hope i'm lucky enuff to see her at home.
bye, have to start the class now. see ya.

02-14-2003, 03:29 AM
with my best wish:thumbsup:

02-14-2003, 05:38 AM
:applause: :applause: :buttrock:

02-14-2003, 07:25 AM
Artistic expression is the best way I found to get rid of those horrile emotions. Personally I wrote poetry but your outlet looks beter visually :)

02-14-2003, 07:39 AM
WOW!!! congart kfc, just notice that u got a choice award...
the one will love u ...really happy to hear that, what news about my project?? i really have no idea.. i dun even have a chance to see that because be4 the render complete, i need to rush to singapore for the new job. i think i will be back Malaysia next month or next 2 month time, the 1st thing do will be visiting u all, ok. then we go (tomorrow)( Yim Chai), ok...hehehe... so is my candy project files still at the one's computer?? i really want to have a copy also.. give me a contact number also, i ll call u all when i reach . by the way , how come my photo will still at the one??what photo was that?? i m just blur.... see u all very soon ... good luck tonite... bye. ( please tell everyone there say i miss them alot alot and alot....)

02-14-2003, 10:25 AM
well here is my crit.

I think its superb work, and obviously a labor of love.

I wont bother saying all the good things about the work, Kfc, i think you certainly know whats good about it and there are a hundred other posts telling you the same thing. Last night i spent couple hours tweaking the major problem areas of your painting. They are subtle but essential things that need to be fixed. I have fixed your hi res version...so if you pm me your email adress i will you send you it if you want.

What i changed:

Shoulder is anatomically incorrect....pay more attention to how the muscles flow underneath the skin...it will give you clues to how the light and shadows flow over the surface.

The symmetry line of the teeth has to match the symmetry line of the face.

Avoid harsh contrast.....both the line on the nose and the overexposed cheeks.

The head is "floating" on the body...i fixed this by giving the shoulder and breast the same color values as the face.

Be very careful when using the Dodge/Burn Tools when painting(you over did it on the torso with the burn tool)....they kill all of the color information...its best to have a color pallette of the lights and shadows...and paint them in manuallly...then use the smudge tool to blend in smoothly....with this technique you move your shadows and highlights to match the muscles and bones under the skin but also keep a richness in the color values.

Last tip:

Remember, your doing a painting...not reproducing a photograph...the audience will never see your referance photos....so who cares if you trace or cheat....its art, be free with it...and dont use photos as a crutch.....let yourself improvise and idealize....ie: by fixing the shoulder i made her neck slightly longer and more elegant.......so make it BETTER then the foto.....

I give you my crit, cuz i think you did a great work and that the work deserves serious attention. Its certainly done from the heart....which is why I bother to spend a couple of hours on it...I hope i have done more then just say a nice job. After all....its what this forum is about, to post our work with hopes of learning how to make it better.

02-14-2003, 10:40 AM
Thanks 2byts.
I'm really appreciate ur attention to my painting.
speaking of truth, i'm not a very good painter yet. the skill that takes me to complete this painting in this way is because i did alot of digital touch ups for commercial and print ads. that's why the way i was using might be a little different from the traditional way ( i knew there's no border in this tho).

please send the modified image to me. i really hope i can see what's wrong with my painting tho. atleast today i've learn something new.

Thanks again for giving me such a constructive correction. I'll learn from the mistakes.

02-14-2003, 10:52 AM
i sent it to your hotmail account....

02-14-2003, 11:11 AM
i heard ur now lecturing at TOA? How's it going? When u going to teach me? Good luck to u with whats happening tonite.

02-14-2003, 03:34 PM
HEY, whats the deal! that post is from 2:04 am!

Yea anyways gl with the whole getting back in her pants thing, you did a great job on this one. Great. I sure hope thats what her body looks like cuz if you gave a painting of a swimsuit models body instead of a tubby one youd get the shiet beaten out of you. WELL - NICE JOB.


02-14-2003, 06:15 PM

I do feel the same too.
just now. i knew she would came back late. so i've parked my car right in front of her home. wandering along her neighbourhood.
an hour late, i saw a guy fetching her back. she gave me a car from far and asked me to go over to her. so i just grabbed my framed canvas, jigsaw puzzle and a book which was printed out from this forum.
When she opened the canvas. she was so touched. and i couln't speak a word. she keep on mentioning that she's affriad that she can't accept this kinda gift. Then i pass her the puzzle which she always wanted. she's shocked again. then i gave her another book which has a cover with a poem/song written in composition like the painting. It can form shapes which can clearly sees that's a "MLD" ( My love devotion).
It was the moment that i've alot of things to tell her. but i knew words just can't get in to her mind so easily. so i just kept quite. once she saw the page where showing her painting in the frontpage of cgtalk. and it's in the hall of fame (choice award). she was even surprised.
i accompany her until the gate. b4 i left, I asked her whether she willing to give me a chance. she just answer "it's not possible".
well... i just told her one thing,"read the posts in that book. read the painting. once u've interpret it then only u give me the answer. think about it...."
then i just left.
maybe i did the wrong thing. or maybe i really should kneel down infront of her. beg her or something. but on another hand, i do thinks that i've did too much of begging to her since we've broken up. so i just leave her with the room to do some thinking.

02-14-2003, 06:24 PM
funny doodle.
which college are u from? are we the same?
i'm not sure when will i lecture in ur class yet. but i can say i'm only lecturing in advance 3d studio (final year students). and as a tutor in classical animation class for lesson1 and 2. which class are u from?

well... things which happened just now. i'm not sure whether it's a good sign or not? but i do feels i shouldn't give up since she's starting to be touched by what i'm doing again.
and again, it's just like a reality tv show. I never thought that i can win an award for her. So in the poem, i've written "now you are in the world". it means that i've brought her face to the world by entering to the gallery.
i haven't told her how to interpret all of this yet. not the poem and the painting yet. but that's the only way to really get the msg that i wanna tell her in to her mind.
when a girl has loses her love to a man. no matter how hard a man tries to say anything. she would just ignore it.

king of tartine
02-14-2003, 07:32 PM
wow, fantastic job...:eek: very realistic...

02-14-2003, 09:13 PM
hey kfc! i'm actually from Go Academy, not TOA.

Classical Animation? I tought Mr Syed Hassan is teaching it in TOA? (He taught me, and is still teaching me this year.). uhm. maybe u can write a tutorial or give me some personal lessons? haha.....

and tell u what, u did the right thing.... if she still ignores you, she doesn't deserves you... she just blew it up. there's lots of girls out there waiting to be discovered by us. just give yourself some time.

02-14-2003, 09:54 PM
well... i guess so.
sometimes go academy is kinda sensitive to be mentioned publicly in my working environment. i'm not sure syed has use ur work as a sample to be shown to our students. but i'm sure he's a very nice guy tho. taught me alot in terms of technical part and even the way of life.
well... for tutorials. i guess i really have to wait till i'm really in the mood and free enuff to make one.

i'm not sure about her now. what i mean that time was sorta like. let her see what i did and what i said thru what i've gave her last night. if she still can't get her eye open. i'll just step a side.
not trying to act cool or something. i just want my pride.

02-15-2003, 02:16 AM
hmm? what do u mean it's sensitive to be mentioned publicly in ur working envi? i don't get it. if u could explain abit....

uhm..... i think syed uses lots of his students work from sheridan to show your student as he showed us the same thing. my works are pieces of rubbish.... i suck in 2D. haha. i got a fren studying in TOA and she's 2nd yr student, ngam ngam step into Digi Ani, dunno u got teach her anot.... Syed got teach her....

btw, i don't notice lotsa TOA students visiting CgTalk much. U nvr told them bout this cool forum? To me, CgTalk is one of my source of inspiration. me and my coll frens come here daily.

02-15-2003, 02:52 AM
Thanks again for giving me such a constructive correction. I'll learn from the mistakes.

You're really are a good person ...
Dilligent and so modest... You're a rare human being... ;)

I agree : You deserve those 5 stars ...

Kerja yg bagus, datuk ... :applause:

02-15-2003, 03:49 AM
aik? kamu bercakap dlm BM? Ngko ni dari mana? boleh kasi explain?

02-15-2003, 06:18 AM
funny doodle,
it's sensitive in the sense that TOA and GO are business competitor. i just don wanna make any comment about it 'cause someone might thought that i'm a trouble maker.
well... I always wanted to get myself fully using xsi for my own works. but seems like i've been too used to maya for now. can't just switch like that because it's already enuff for me to do the works which i want. Plus, most of the time clients won't ask us "what program do u use for ur work?". if they do ask, Maya is already a big name for them. so i believe i still can stick with it and at the same time i do try to get myself to use more xsi when i've the chance. doesn't hurt to know an extra application tho.
how's Colim? the one in ur college.

if syed is teaching her, so am i. what's her name? well, i believe she might be quite good looking tho. in fact, most of them in this class are quite sweet looking. maybe one day u should ask this friend of u to introduce them to u.

well... as for the students who visits cgtalk. i guess most of them are still too shy to post their work here and give any comments. atleast i did see an improvements here. i've some students posting their own work in WIP. the rest, they are only regular visitors. I've started to show them cgtalk a long time ago. only 2 semesters ago that our lecturers are asking them to join cgtalk for better improvements. so i believe it's not a very strong culture here to do constructive comments. Most of the time they just make use of our local forum like a chat room. talk all sorta things which isn't related to cg and art.

Fortian, thanks.
It's really kind of u to give me such an honor.

02-15-2003, 12:42 PM
oh i thought so. i get what u mean. yeah we don't wanna create politics and stuff.... i think if ya have the time u should try xsi, it's really cool. since u already mastered maya, now it's only mastering the software of xsi.

U know colim? i think he's fine. as always. :)

Oh ur teaching her too? Her name is Kim Leow. i dunno what u guys call her. haha yeah she's cute. sure. do u know her? how's she doin?

Psycho Ken
02-17-2003, 10:35 AM
Nice work. Although the endin is not wat u wish for,but at least u've done somethin wich will not let u felt regret. Good Work buddy.....
Goin to buy a new wacom tablet......is time to push mysef to the limits...ish...!


02-17-2003, 11:46 AM

02-17-2003, 03:26 PM
Originally posted by funnydoodle
aik? kamu bercakap dlm BM? Ngko ni dari mana? boleh kasi explain?

If your question adressed to me :
I'm from a beautifull country just south-east from Malaysia...
And I speak the same language as Malay... with only minor
differences ...

Salam kenal ... ;)

02-17-2003, 04:26 PM
That'll be singapore.

02-17-2003, 06:40 PM
hmm.... i guess he's from jakarta.

Ken, thanks for ur support. well... i believe things isn't gonna end so easily. I didn't regret at all on finishing this painting. atleast this is the best i've ever had.

souleage : thanks dude. your paintings are some really nice works. saw that from ur thread.

02-18-2003, 05:22 PM
Funnydoodle : wrong country ...
kfc : jakarta is not a country ...

I'm Indonesian ... :)

kfc : do you use tablet for your work ?
If so, how about give me advice which tablet works best ...

thanks ...

02-18-2003, 05:45 PM
Originally posted by Madmaxs
wtf? is []D [] []v[] []D [] []\[]

you cant see that is says pimpin? :eek:

02-19-2003, 05:24 AM
kfc : jakarta is not a country ...
I knew that. what i mean is maybe u are from Jakarta of indonesia.
just trying to keep things short.

I use wacom for all of my painting. there's no way for me to turn back to traditional media. I guess any wacom intuos tablet works fine for me. as long as u can afford it. i believe anyway size can get your work done nicely. I've got a A3 size wacom intuos here. which is slightly older version of intuos 2. still it works nothing different from the smaller version or the new version.

02-19-2003, 01:37 PM
Ahahah ... I know you knew ... ;)
I'm from Jogja anyway ...

As for the tablet, I really interested to buy one ... But, your words
"if you can afford it" had put me into a slight uncomfortable situation... :hmm:

The thing is ... I'm a beginner... So I wanna get the most suitable
device (tablet) with above average value and not too expensive...
That is, I can use it for the next 3 years ...

Do you think wacom fit into this spec ?
Are there any other options ?

thx again ... ;)

02-19-2003, 06:04 PM
As for the tablet, I really interested to buy one ... But, your words
"if you can afford it" had put me into a slight uncomfortable situation...

ooppss... sorry. I doesn't mean to make u to misunderstand my meaning. well... what i mean here is because most of the students in my college just don't really dare to get one because some of them are not willing enuff to get it. some of them are because of financial problem and some of them are because of their laziness.
wacom isn't a must buy device in our course requirement. but it's a plus. that's why when ppl ask me whether they should buy one. i'll always reminds them to take care of the price.
A4 is the most affordable size that i can think of. so i believe if u wanna take A3 size for a try. u may can start doing some retouch work on photo with it 1st. then only u come back to painting. it'll be a very useful experience.
don't buy tablet from other brand other than wacom. it can be use for a very long time. in fact, my wacom is already 2 years old.

02-20-2003, 04:08 PM
Ahahah ... Please don't be sorry ...

The 'uncomfortable' thing, actually, explains that I'm not sure can
afford it ... :(

But, if the device worth enough for increase my skill and so my
interest for digital arts, I would surely buy one ...
The price, IMO, won't beat the improvement, I could get ...

Thanks for the advice, anyway ...

Hey, adakah situs yg tuan punya ?

03-28-2003, 03:09 PM
I'm sorry to bring up your past again but I felt that I had to make these comments.

Despite the fact that she's deeply touched by what you've done, I think she probably realised certain things about the relationship that makes her feel it's better for the both of you to part. You can't love a person simply because you're touched by what the person has done for you. Perhaps she did not make it clear to you how she feels about the relationship.

I don't think it's really fair to blame the outcome on any party when a relationship fails. I'm sure through this loss, you've gained or will gain something bigger in the near future.

You've all the right to disagree with me however, just my two cents.

chee huat
03-28-2003, 03:58 PM
great work ,I like this painting :)
Very thank to u

03-28-2003, 04:22 PM
Man, you are too cool~!

:buttrock: :applause: :thumbsup:
Very very nice work, and awesome painting skill! :thumbsup:

03-28-2003, 05:27 PM
They say it is better to have lvoed and lost... **** all that man. You did something truely special for this girl and If she didnt realise you love her than it truely is a tradigy. It much worse when you tell them you love them and they laugh in your face. THERE IS ALWAYS ANOTER GIRL! Even though you dont want there to be... take your skills and show the world just how great you are

03-28-2003, 11:13 PM
Wow! She's beautiful!

Excellent job- almost photographic :) You have wonderful skill :)

01-23-2005, 10:05 PM
beautiful artwork, i really like the color a lot. the gesture and porportion of the character are so accurate, great work. i want to comment on the use of red, somehow, does not look evil, it seems so peaceful and sunshiny - she looks like an angel. hope you can get back with her. good luck.

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