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12 December 2001, 05:28 AM
Couple shots of an early WIP on a new head for a body I did a while back. He's supposed to be sort of a 'tough guy' character.

First, the cage:

And here's the smoothed version:

And a detail of the ear, which I spent some quality time with:

I'm still sculpting on the eyes/brows/forehead, and on the lips/chin/jaw. I also need to make the inside of the mouth; it's just a hole right now. Almost there! Once I fit him to the body, I'll dig in and start sculpting the muscles of the neck and working up morph targets.

Whaddya think?

01 January 2002, 02:25 AM
overall it looks good,

-the ear looks a little too puffy
-the nose is kinda funny looking down on the end
-the cheeks underneath the eyes seem to jut out suddenly
-it's kinda hard to see in this view, but the ear looks back
little too far

keep us updated, and show a few more views

01 January 2002, 06:18 AM
Glad to see that someone finally took the time to crit my work!

-I see what you mean about the ear looking puffy. I think it's okay in the inner ear, but the upper part of the outer helix could stand some slimming down.

-I think you might just need a different view to see why the end of the nose looks like that. He's not meant to be quite completely realistic, and as such has a massively hooked nose. When I can, I'll post some more views so you can see what's really going on there.

-As I said, I'm still working on the eye area, and I hope to fix all of the wierdness going on there as soon as I get a little more time to work on him. That'll include the cheeks. But thanks for the observation :)

-The ear is back a bit further than on a real person, and I will have to fix that. I modeled the ear separately, and fused it on afterward. I had to make room for it as best I could, and by that time I think I had been staring at this guy for so long that I lost all sense of proportion. This is why it's good to get other people's eyes on your models!

Again, thanks for the constructive criticism! I'll post updates as I find time to tinker around; one of these days I'll pair him up with his body and give you guys a peek at the finished product.


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