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11 November 2006, 12:03 AM

time for another installment in my eternal problems getting along with mental ray :)

the two problems i'm having are as follows and generally related to me having very little idea how to use mr thanks to its less than helpful documentation -

falloff maps on multi sub-object materials- do they work at all? as soon as an area light or daylight system with final gather is added all my falloff maps seem to bleed the overall material with a layer of desaturating white. my only work around so far has been to dip the output curve down or make the falloff colours very dark which has pretty much the same effect as not having falloff at all. i have no idea how to create falloff type effects in mr yet (for cloth type materials, sss cheat materiasl, etc.) so i was wondring if this is a general problem or whether i'm just missing something obvious...

problem 2 is that sometimes standard materials will simply not render correctly in mr on multi sub object materials. the two effects i generally get is that the material renders completely black or it renders without any shadows (recieved or cast). this is even the case with default mapless standard mats. obscurely my only workaround has been to continously merge and delete the offending model over and over until it randomly works correctly. any reason for this...?

thanks for your time, it's kind of fun being completely clueless about something in max again : )

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11 November 2006, 12:03 AM
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