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Joel Hooks
03 March 2002, 06:45 AM
Has anybody purchased this? Is it good stuff?

$115 is a pretty good deal. Mr Harriss doesn't cover modeling in his tapes as far as I can see. Though his series looks great too.

03 March 2002, 05:09 PM
I know the guy teaching in the Cdroms, he's a real Xsi master so I beleive the cdroms will be great :p but I'd be interested in some opinions as well

03 March 2002, 07:53 PM
I bought the Cumbria Training CDs, I though the lessons were great, but I had a hard time understanding Roger Rosa French accent. Also, the another thing I didn't like was that you never get to see the full layout of XSI, it was always zoom into the portion of the layout not once in the video's did I see the entire layout. Plus the video were quite choppy.

I have nothing againist Roger, but I question quality of the product produce by Cumbria.

BTW: when I call to get a RMA#, so I can return the CDs they said verison I had was being replace with a newer improve verison of the Training CDs. :mad:

All in All I would perfer ed harriss video over the CDs right now, but Ed Harriss Training tapes are to expensive for me :(

Joel Hooks
03 March 2002, 08:52 PM
Ed has no modeling tape. Which I think is nuts! Make a modeling tape Ed! His also are for XSI 1.5, and the Cumbria set is for 2.0.

03 March 2002, 03:42 AM
I just wonder why tapes? why not on a single DVD? shoudn't that be cheaper? at least for the handling...... I would like to buy Ed Harris's...but paying 7xxx pounds for my msc course in London really left me nothing:mad:

03 March 2002, 12:56 AM
>Make a modeling tape Ed!
:) Perhaps in the future, but the production that I am currently working on is not geared toward modeling.

>I just wonder why tapes?
DVDs are so much more expensive that tapes (including the higher shipping costs.) Tapes end up being much more economical.

03 March 2002, 01:04 AM
cant belive single dvd is more expensive than so many tapes, but........Is it possible to compress the video using divx codec and put them into cdroms? will that be cheaper? I haven't used tapes for ages~~~~~( I am from China and tapes are relics there decades ago....)

Joel Hooks
03 March 2002, 03:48 AM
So they are good, but the guy has a heavy accent?

" it was always zoom into the portion of the layout not once in the video's did I see the entire layout. "

This is because of resolution playback issues. you can't expect a 1280x1024 desktop to be visible in a small video window.

03 March 2002, 01:24 PM
I think is great it's great that Ed didn't focus on making modeling tapes. Sure, modeling is very important, but If you search the web, you can be sure that most tutorials are about modeling, so take the resources from there. So he delivers in depth information about very important aspects like rendering and lighting, materials. I think you really underestimate this! Let's assume you model a cool body....and then? Now comes the next step, which is as important as modeling.
I have read many times that the tapes are very good.
I also have seen one, and wanted to buy one, but didn't because I have sold my VCR and now only have DVD. But as soon as one comes out on DVD I want to get the rendering tape.

Joel Hooks
03 March 2002, 09:32 PM

I know Mr Harriss is extremely talented. Mr Rosa is apparently also very talented. i just hate throwing money away and was wondering if anybody had ordered the disks.

Specifically the current XSI 2.0 series of discs.

06 June 2002, 02:32 PM
Here is a review I did on the Cumbria CD's and Cineframe tapes.
Im looking to buy Ed's tapes very shortly!!!

The Cineframe videos are based for new users of XSI and maybe those coming ver from soft3d, heck it might even show the season pros a thing or 2. David jumps right in (fast paced but very easy to follow) and you can always pause and rewind if your following along on your workstation.

Topics Covered :

Tape -1
Menus,Viewports,Display Ops,Camera Ops, View
Visibility,layers,selections,explorer,property pages annd Transforms.

Tape- 2
Transforms..cont, snapping,constraints,parenting,editing
panel,animation,scripting,Modeling and
deformations,Rigging and anim,Text & rendering,particles,hair and

He does not show you how to model, texture,rig, or animate persay but gets into details of the View ports ,MCA and all of it's properties. One cool point that I like was when he parented a group of nulls and made them behave like a snake like object by using Comp mode, affect by orientation and soft coupling (maybe Im easly amuzed :). David lightly touchs the model, animate,render and other modules but states that there is too much to coverthere and would most likey be covered on future tapes. If there is aCharacter Kit coming from Cineframe I am sure to buy it.

Cumbria CD's

These CD's are very good as well, A little bit of a different pace only because Roger Explains in detail the hows and whys of his methods. He also has a Frech accent but you can pick up what he is saying. The majority content on these CD's are tools used in creating and rigging his Jesper Character othe topics covered include materials, rendering and bringing in 2D iamges from Photoshop to use with rotoscoping. Here are the contents of
the Cd's

CD 1 - Lessons 1 and 2

2 bonus track showing a character being developed in Photoshop, Start XSI, Customize XSI, Roto & Symmetry,
transforms, EZ modeling, fast animation, EZ render, model layout,

CD 2 -Lessons 3 4 5

Lofts Cruves,Layer Merge,Intersect surfaces,weight maps,animation mixer,textruded nurbs,local subd's,instance and
rev,duplicate by anim, 4 sided blend,deform by curve,extrude profile, render options,hierarchy,models,skeletons,constraints and ctrls

CD 3 -lesson 6

Parenting 1 and 2 Constraints,Heel rotation,shadow radius,Cust.
parameterset,dir.constraints,clean rig,xfer setup,marking param sets

CD 4 Lesson 7

Enveloping,weight envelope,deform cage,link deform,shape deform,uv pattern,clusters,projection TE,sub projection
1 and 2, heal, clean UV

Though this is geared to beginers as well I felt like I got a job to be an animator and ending up being a TD :) Very detailed indeed.
Resolution of Videos are 800X600 and CD's are copy protected and need to be authorized by Cinemagic which was pretty painless thanks to the included video file that shows you how to register.


As they would say at my old employer (Lehman Brothers) these CD's and Tapes are a STRONG BUY :) They have changed me from being a newbie to having working knowledge in XSI. They are both Cheap $79 for the tapes and $149 for the set of CD's (you can also buy basic cd's (PJ bundel )with no fancing cover for $115 which is what I did).

Cinemagic has also announce 2 new CD's # 5 and 6 Registered owners of the XSI CD or PJ Bundle will be able to buy the new CD's for US$25.00 each or US$45.00 total for both CD's. For those people who haven't bought the CD's then yes, the price is $49.00 for each CD.

Both David and Roger know thier sh#@ and I appriciated them helping out the XSI community, Sage Gallagher (Cineframe) and Joe Saltzman Cinemagic)have offer great assistance and have responded to emails almost instantaneously if not by 1 business day.

06 June 2002, 02:45 PM
Below is a post by the producers of the Cumbria CD's on the XSIBASE forum

A Reply from the producers of the Cumbria Training Series

Hello everyone,

I've just spent the morning reading through some very interesting comments that have been posted on these forums regarding the Cumbria XSI training series that is produced by our company cinemagic productions limited, here in London, England.

First off, let me begin by saying what a great job Jason has done here at 3D Buzz and it's great to see a growing and active XSI community as a result of his efforts -- brilliant, keep it up !!!

The more softies the better

Ok, let me begin by saying I am boss here at Cinemagic and I have read each and everyone of your comments regarding our training products and I take all your views GOOD and BAD very seriously indeed.

On the whole we feel that we have done a pretty good job with the Cumbria XSI Training series and we think they represent an excellent investment for anyone who is trying to master Softimage XSI.

That said, we know that there areas that CAN and WILL be improved, of that you can be sure.

I understand that some of you have had some difficulty understading Roger Rosa's accent -- this is a fair comment.

Roger is French and well -- he speaks with an accent (he can't help that, it's just how it is).

Trust me, this was an issue that did concern us, however, on balance we felt (and still do) that because Roger is such a skilled artist and an undisputed expert in Softimage XSI we could not say "no" on the basis that English is his second language.

To be fair we ALL have accents -- even you guys in America have accents -- he..he...(but you get the point) we can't please everyone on this issue -- so we didn't try. We just let Roger (a Frenchman be himself and get on with it).

So yes, I agree 100% for some people it can be difficult at first to understand Roger's Accent, but it's not impossible if you try. It does take a little bit more effort, but we think again on balance it is worthwhile.

I also take your point that CD's 1 and 2 can be a bit -- erm, dull.

Well, point pulling just isn't the worlds most exciting stuff granted, Roger was/is working in real time and he's thinking about what he was/is doing, so yeah it can be a bit dull.

I think you will find that as the lessons progress, so does the pace of the training.

Still, what is important is that Roger shows you what to do and at the end of it all he has built what anyone would consider to be a model of very high quality (e.g. Jesper the Jester).

But again, I do hear what you have said on this topic and these matters have been addressed - of that you can be sure.

What you should all know is that producing this type of training is very hard work indeed, and it's been going on for quite a long time and we have all put a lot of effort into them.

When CD's 1 and 2 were in production Roger had only just arrived in England, so this goes some way to explain why his accent was/is a bit "thick" on those first lessons.

However, by the time CD's 3 and 4 had been produced his accent became less pronounced -- so things have improved a great deal on that front.

But I know for some people that's still not good enough.

I have also had a chat with Roger about making the pace a bit more lively and we have done just that with new CD's (No 5. and No. 6 that will be released soon).

So yes, we know about and are responding to these issues.

Something else you should be aware of....

Roger lives very close to a Royal Air Force base and it's pretty hard to find a time record the lessons. Most of them have to be done in the very early or late hours -- and after a long day of teaching at the University Roger may not be as upbeat as he should be. We know that this isn't ideal, but it's just the reality of the situation.

Again, this is something we are aware of and have taken steps to improve by various means.

I will not go through all the points that you've raised but I will say that I have taken them all on board and they are being addressed.

We know that we can improve our products and like all software it is an on-going, evolutionary process what will continue to grow and improve over time with the helpful input of users such as you.

So to all of you who have purchased and found our training CD's helpful -- a big thank you.

To those of you who didn't like our CD's, well, at least thanks for trying them! We appreciate your comments and we will try to improve things so that we can hopefully meet your satisfaction in future.

We do care about our clients and we are listening to you.


Joe Saltzman

Joel Hooks
06 June 2002, 03:25 PM
hey, thanks for the great replies!

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