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11 November 2006, 05:59 PM
I couldnt find anyone asking this on the forums...i guess i dont know what key words to search but ill throw it out here. hope someone could help me out.

Im working on a forest environment...well 31 scenes actually. So ive got foreground midground background paintefx elements and my teams comping it together after each pass is done.

but i would like the ability to color correct the trees seperate for the grass etc. Its easy to do this on a small paint effects scene. or when every thing shares the same brush... but i tend to remove my brush connections after everything is laid out and i paint each tree in individually for the foreground because i need to tweak the trunk sizes etc.

But then later...its almost impossible to change one trees trunk color to just red and the grass all blue. Is there away to change all their settings without sharing brushes? cause it would screw my up with my tweaks and also....Converting to polygons and applying surface shader isnt an option because i cant have the image change at all since we need to use it as a mask.

also ive checked the component and attribute editor...there is no option listed there to change ti all at once

any ideas? thanks!

Basicallyv i need my forest tree trunks red. leaves green and grass blue. How do i get these to use as a mask to color correct seperately. And i have to do this without moving a no paintefx to polygons :( please hurry guys. my deadlines in a week :( thank yOU!

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11 November 2006, 05:59 PM
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