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02 February 2003, 11:09 PM
I am new to combustion, but love its workflow. i was wondering if there are any good tutorials out there. i am going to have to do some serious post, and i am wanting to use combustion in about 1 week..haha. so, some simple tutorials would be great. THANX!!!

02 February 2003, 11:27 PM
The tutorials that come with Combustion really are pretty good at getting you up to speed with the program and you should definitely work through them.

After that post any specific questions here and someone should be able to help.

Good luck.

02 February 2003, 11:56 PM
ok that cool. i will start on those tonight. thanx!

02 February 2003, 12:23 AM
ndog, do you know of any other good books that one could buy to learn more than what comes with combustion?

02 February 2003, 07:28 PM

There is a book that has just been released but I don't know anything about it, check it out here :

There is also a set of DVDs for Combustion 2, again I don't really know how good they are or how much they cost but you can probably get the info from Discreet.

For general compositing info, The Art and Science of Digital Compositing by Ron Brinkman and Digital Compositing for film and Video by Steve Wright.

Both are fairly comprehensive but deal strictly with compositing. And again the Tutorials that come with Combustion are really worth working through.

02 February 2003, 10:39 PM
Originally posted by ndog

For general compositing info, The Art and Science of Digital Compositing by Ron Brinkman

This book is pretty much the bible for compositing, buy it, read it, and keep it near your composite box. Pair it with the out-of-the-box tutorials and you'll be in business.

02 February 2003, 04:42 AM
Thanks much for the information. I found it very helpful. Thanks.

02 February 2003, 06:43 PM

02 February 2003, 07:10 AM

Take a look at they have training videos about combustion all for free.

See Ya!

Jack Pfeiffer
02 February 2003, 09:29 AM

People are always asking "How to Best Learen Combustion." . . . .

In my new Combustion Book, “Combustion v2: The On-Line Web Warrior Guide“ I list a wide variety of learning resources…
Below, I have provided an excerpt from the book to help.
You can read more about my book, or order it at:


The simplest and best source for combustion learning and information is the source:
Located at the Discreet website is a fountain of various FAQs, tutorials, fact, tips and other info. This information is updated regularity.

To get yourself started, remember that Discreet included FREE TUTORIALS with each combustion purchase. These tutorials are designed to provide you with an in-depth overview of the toolsets.

combustion v2 tutorials> from Demo CD and with Purchased Combustion product:
Cv2-1: Lesson 1 - Touring combustion Open and use a workspace
Cv2-2: Lesson 2 - Creating Composites in 2D Space
Cv2-3: Lesson 3 - Compositing in 3D Space
Cv2-4: Lesson 4 - Using Paint, two exercises
Cv2-5: Lesson 5 - Tracking and Stabilizing
Cv2-6: Lesson 6 - Using the Keying
Cv2-7: Lesson 7 - Using Masks
Cv2-8: Lesson 8 - Colour Correcting, two exercises
Cv2-9: Lesson 9 - Animating Particle Effects
Cv2-10: Lesson 10 - Working with Paint Selections, two exercises
Cv2-11: Lesson 11 - Animating Layers in 3D Space
Cv2-12: Lesson 12 - Working with Motion Graphics
Cv2-13: Lesson 13 - Using Scenes from 3ds max, two exercises

combustion v2 tutorials downloads Note: if you DOWNLOAD the DEMO COMBUSTION from the Discreet webiste, they LEAVE OFF ALL the Tutorials to save on downlaod time... Therefroe, they make available the below four tuts, which are THE SAME as above: If you want EVERYTHING, then request a Demo CD ROM from your Dealer! Again, all the tuts are included with the demo CD-ROM and also the purchased software)
Cv2-1: Lesson 1 - Touring combustion
Cv2-7: Lesson 7 - Using Garbage Masks
Cv2-9: Lesson 9 - Animating Particle Effects
Cv2-12: Lesson 12 - Working with Motion Graphics

Discreet has some additional Combustion V1 tutorials, will work fine in Combustion v2… So check them out! > combustion v1 Tutorials.

combustion v1 tutorials> free downloads
Cv1-1: Using 3ds max Render Elements.
Cv1-2: Drawing and Tracking Masks:
Cv1-3: Creating and Animating a Butterfly
Cv1-4: Using the Difference
Cv1-5: Creating a Spooky Atmosphere

More Free Tips & Tricks for the old Discreet Effect and Paint software:
These procedures will work in Combustion as well. Note that some of the menu names may have changed. To access each page, enter the URL below with the exact digit number at the end:
(If you have problems loading any of these pages, just browse to: Discreet > support > paint > FAQs, bottom ont he page.)
(426) SLO-MO Flag: Creating an undulating flag effect.
(424) Cloud Textures: Using fractal noise and turbulence to create cloud-like textures
(414) Alpha Channels: How do you create an alpha channel on a still image in paint?
(423) Metallic Objects: How to make metallic objects with gradients.
(409) Rippling Effect: How do I create a rippling effect such as water or silk?


At the sites you should Check out the free Tutorials :



3) Http:// (Although I have not seen them yet, the VTM (Video Training Magazine) at have received good reviews.


Of Course -- at >>>

In no particular order...


NON-English sites:

If you don't mind spending money to learn:

Discreet Courseware - for purchase: Discreet has available Courseware: These are the same Training Books (with an included CD-ROM) that are used at the Discreet Training Centers in the official Discreet classes worldwide. There are priced at approximately US $ 75.00 and can be ordered through your local Discreet Dealer. There is Discreet Courseware for combustion either v1 or combustion v2:

Discreet Courseware - combustion v2 - 37 Lessons with CD-ROM: Table of Contents:
--Part 1 - Using Paint = 1- Learning Paint Basics ; 2 - Animation Text ; 3 - Exploring Draw Modes in Text ; 4 - Revealing a Background Image ; 5 - Wire Removal ; 6 - Creating Text Gradients ; 7 - Animating Gradients ; 8 - Combining Selections ; 9 - Animating Selections ; Part 2 - Fundamentals : 10 - Touring Combustion ; 11 - Creating Simple Composites ; 12 - Using Operators in a Composite ; Part 3 - Transforming Layers : 13 -Animating Layers Using Pivot Points ; 14 Keyframing ; Part 4 - Linking and Controlling Layers ; 15 -Cropping and Corner-Pinning ; 16 - Linking Layers Through Parenting ; 17 - Aligning Objects to a Motion Path ; 18 -Linking Layers with Hinging ; Part 5 - Changing Layer Surface Properties ; 19 - Setting Surface Properties ; 20 - Exploring Transfer Modes ; 21 - Displacing a Layer ; Part 6 - Using Channels, Mattes and Masks ; 22 - Using Alpha Channels ; 23 - Creating Channel Effects ; 24 - Using Masks ; Part 7 - Using Null Objects, Lights, and the Camera ; 25 - Animating with a Null Object ; 26 - Moving the Camera ; 27 - Creating Shadows with Lights ; Part 8 - Tracking and Stabilizing : 28 - One-Point Tracking ; 29 - Four-Point Tracking ; 30 - Two-Point Stabilizing ; Part 9 - Keying and Color Correcting : 31 - Using the Discreet Color Corrector ; 32 - Using the Discreet Keyer ; Part 10 Nesting Composites : 33 - Basic Nesting ; 34 - Creating a Motion Blur ; 35 - Importing Workspaces ; Part 11 - Additional Lessons: 36 - Working with Rich Pixel Renderings ; 37 - Creating Particles Effects

The older Discreet Courseware for combustion v1 (can be hard to get, as it is now replaced by cv2!) – 32 Lessons with CD-ROM: Table of Contents:
1- Introducing combustion - Fundamentals; 2 - Creating Simple Composites; 3 - Using Operators in a Composite; 4 - Animating Layers Using Pivot Points; 5 - Shearing Layers; 6 - Cropping and Corner Pinning; 7 - Linking Layers through Parenting; 8 - Aligning Objects to a Motion Path; 9 - Linking Layers with Hinging; 10 - Setting Surface Properties; 11 - Exploring Tranfer Modes; 12 - Using Alpha Channels; 13 - Animating with a Null Object; 14 - Combining Colored Lights 15 - Creating Shadows with Lights; 16 - Displacing a Layer; 17 -Creating Channel Effects; 18 - Learning Paint Basics; 19 - Exploring Draw Modes in Paint; 20 - Creating Text Gradients; 21 - Animating Gradients; 22 - Revealing a Background Image; 23 - Animating Text; 24 - Combining Selections; 25 - Animating Selections; 26 - One-Point Stabilizing; 27 - Two-Point; Stabilizing ; 28 - Four-Point Tracking ; 29 - Using the Discreet Keyer ; 30 - Using the Discreet Color Corrector ; 31 - Creating a Motion Blur ; 32 - Importing Workplaces

Other "After Market" books and training materials:....

1) There is my book, which is the first third party training book on the market. Called "Combustion v2: The On-line WebWarriors Guide" the 155 page book highlights include: Three custom-written tutorials, complete with source material - The Combustion Hardware Primer: How to build the best system. - Summary and index of all available additional free tutorials - Summary of most common FAQs, organized by type. - Combustion by Function sections, with Special Tips and Tricks - Special Information on 3ds max RLA/RPF file use with combustion - Special Section on combustion/discreet edit integration - 10 page Quick Start Guide for Discreet Cleaner users - Includes demo plug-in software: Ultimatte, Re:Vision, Trapcode, EyeCandy, etc. - Includes one year subscription of additional Updates and Tips. You can read more at:

2) Coming up in the next few months is a new book available on called “combustion ground rules” by Todd Petersen. The Table of contents for his book is scheduled to be: Chapter 1 Introduction to Post Effects - Chapter 2 Introduction to the Combustion Interface - Chapter 3 Quick Start Tutorial - Chapter 4 Paint 101 - Chapter 5 More on Paint - Chapter 6 Compositing 101 - Chapter 7 More on Compositing - Chapter 8 Working with Audio - Chapter 9 Integration with MAX - Chapter 10 Integration with Edit - Chapter 11 Advanced Compositing - Chapter 12 Advanced Compositing 2.

3) There is a DVD or VHS Video set with 14 hours of training and tutorials taught by Ken LaRue and available from Technical Animations (

4) There is a 90-minute Combustion v1 VHS Training Tape with advanced subject material available at It has received excellent reviews and covers color correction, keying and more.



Author: "WebWarriors Guide to Combustion "

02 February 2003, 03:31 PM

if you are living in europe you have the chance to order the

combustion 2 technical animation DVD set

for a very cheap price

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