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11 November 2006, 05:42 PM
Hey folks. Just wanted to let people in on a little secret. It's the EI Platter. Well sort of, it's more like a bunch of experts in various softwares grouping together on a realtime chat and sharing tips, techniques, tech support, ideas, and experiences. I have used it for years.

A lot of Maya, C4D, EIAS, AfterEffects from various industries are there. It's such a varied and diverse group of people from all over the world, Germany, Spain, France, Brazil, Holland, or yeah and the USA to name a fee. A lot of EI movers and shakers are there as well. Mac and PC a like.

So, if your friendly, techie, 3D or 2D person, want to learn tips or share them..or maybe just know a good joke or two. Come on in!!

The Platter will eventually switch from Hotline to Jabber but it's still a great time to get in. Instructions below. feel free to POP in!!


It's a Hotline server, requiring some form of a Hotline client to connect. Once you have a client, you can point it to:

To get the most out of it, though, you need an account. I can set you up with an account if you send me privately the following:

Real Name:
Email Address:
Requested Login:
Requested Password:

You can send this to me through my username here.

If you still are looking for the "where" answer, I would also add:

It's on my server.

My server is currently located in downtown KC, MO in a datacenter. It's about to be relocated to a new machine which will be located in Dallas in a datacenter there.



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11 November 2006, 05:42 PM
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