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11 November 2006, 10:38 PM
Grrr arghh! I'm having trouble getting my attrs connected properly.

My destination attr is a multi called neutralPose. It's made up of 2 compound attrs- neutralPoseTranslate and neutralPoseRotate, each of which has an X,Y, and Z component.

I first tested the type of each attr using `getAttr -type myDestinationNode.destinationAttr`
just to make sure I have type compatibility.

My results:
getAttr -type "" ;
// Result: TdataCompound //

getAttr -type[0];
// Result: TdataCompound //

getAttr -type[0].npt;
// Result: double3 //

getAttr -type[0].nptx;
// Result: double //


ok, so for the source node, I created corresponding attrs:

addAttr -longName neutralPose -shortName np -numberOfChildren 2 -attributeType compound sourceNode;

addAttr -longName neutralPoseTranslate -shortName npt -attributeType double3 -parent neutralPose sourceNode;

addAttr -longName neutralPoseTranslateX -shortName nptx -attributeType double -parent neutralPoseTranslate sourceNode;

... and so forth

Now, I wire up the corresponding source and destination attrs. I've tried a number of permutations, currently I'm wiring up pretty much everything explicitly with a 'connectAttr' command':

.np --> .np[0]
.npt --> .np[0].npt
.nptx --> .np[0].nptx


In the connection editor, everything seems to be correct.
In the hypergraph, all the individual connects seem to be correct as well.

.np --> .np[0] has a light blue connection line
.npt --> .np[0].npt has a green connection line
.nptx --> .np[0].nptx etc. all have dark blue connection lines.

There is one grey dotted line but the graph won't indicate the attrs on mouseover.

So everything looks connected.

EXCEPT the source values are not driving the destination values. Does anyone know what's wrong with this? Thanks a tone in advance for any help. I've been trying just about every combination and i'm starting to feel like a monkey at a typewriter here.

11 November 2006, 06:02 PM
A Grey dotted line in hypergraph indicate the presence of an auxiliary node between the two nodes that are connected by this dotted line. Auxiliary nodes are those that are created by maya when certain attributes are connected. Eg. the "unitConversion" node is created when you connect any scalar attribute to rotate channel of an object.

To see the auxiliary nodes in hypergraph, go to "Show>Show Auxillary Nodes". Then you wont see any dotted lines.

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11 November 2006, 06:02 PM
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