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03 March 2002, 10:41 AM
This is the latest character I'm working on, it's about 3500 polies. The shots I'm attaching are captured right from the max viewport in EPoly mode, so you'll see mostly quads instead of tris.

I'll posted some renders after I'm done texturing, but any comments you might have are welcome.

This model isn't going into any particular game engine, I'm just building it based on average console limitations.

I posted my last game model in the 3D Artwork forum by mistake. here's the link in case you wanna see the Shogun character.

Shogun Link (

The Magic Pen
03 March 2002, 10:52 AM
Nice model doubt!! Do you create the whole thing using splines?? ....looks like it !!..I'll be honest though I think that you could have taken out some of the polys and not lost any the thighs for example ..and the neck and shoulder area..

03 March 2002, 11:33 AM
No splines, I basically modeled using subdivision principles, establishing edge loops and maintaining quads, but since I'm not meshsmoothing it, I don't really have to pay much attention to that.

I've been working in the industry for a little while now, but only recently have gotten heavily involved in character modeling. Been mainly a texture and interface guy.

03 March 2002, 10:55 AM
polies or triangles

04 April 2002, 08:02 AM
nice model you have there, but i agree with The Magic Pen, there are a few places you can reduce the poly count with out harming th emodel at all. Other than that, it looks pretty cool. Is it going to be used in a project?

04 April 2002, 03:27 PM
Nice model U got here, not much to say except I'll see him better with more massive orc hands; like 2 hammers at the end of each arms .Hope we'll see him textured.............

04 April 2002, 02:11 PM
well, i got him textured finally. i used a multi-sub with 5 separate textures for different parts. i'm currently getting the vertex weighting in physique worked out so you'll probably see a few places that aren't deforming correctly. (such as the bozack-guard :) ) still got more to do there.

yea, i agree with you, i'm not to fond of my hands. i kinda rushed through the texture there, and i might change the geometry a bit.

to answer an earlier question, it's about 3500 triangles. if this were going into a game, i'd certainly spend the time to cut any unnecessary faces, but this is really just demo material i'm going to be rendering.

you can see the flag slightly deformed there, i'm using simcloth under physique with a wind space warp to animate the cloth blowing in the wind.

i'll post more shots once i get a little further with the poses. got a big ass battle axe he'll be holding too. gotta texture that still though.


04 April 2002, 03:00 PM
That looks great. :p

I just started doing lowpoly models, and I have to say, I consider it to be incrediblely COOL. I still need practice in making the maps. is it all one mesh? (excluding axe and bannerflag) Could you show the maps, or at least one of them, I remember you mentioned you had a five. Even though i am not the expert, I just would consider making the border between the legs and the pants a little more noticable. good job.


04 April 2002, 03:35 PM
Haaaaaaa.................he looks mean and dumb...............Just like he has to .Nice work on the textures, but U already said U know how to do it properly, so I won't get too nice (but I think nice things) .Now U made modelling, textures...........guess what I'll be asking now...............I wanna see the big bastard moving (I admit it was kinda easy to guess..........)
To put it in a nut shell :really nice work!

04 April 2002, 09:25 PM

Got lots of unused space, which if this were going anywhere, should be addressed. I painted 512x512's. There are 6, my bad.

The fingers are still in a state of limbo, I'll probably totally rework that geometry at some point. Dunno yet.

I tried a little different method of UV layout this time. Wanted to see if breaking this up like this would be a good way to do it, even if you wanna put the stuff all on one texture in the end. Well, I think that concept is fine, except that at the end of texturing, the last thing you wanna do is go rearrage all your art and UVs.

I did put a little more shadow on that pant line ace, thanks.


04 April 2002, 09:45 PM
Nice work man. I love the textures, a lot of detail in them. I read that u used subdivision to create the model. Subdivision is great, but it normally gets a little out of hand and you end up with to many polys. You could drop the poly count dramatically if you dont mind spending the time to weld a hell of a lot of verts. I get the same effect when I use patch modelling, but the good thing about patch is that you can control the surface iterations. All in all, excellent work man. Keep it up. Hope to see more.

04 April 2002, 01:35 PM
Great job, I was just wondering if you wanted to go for a painterly feel on his skin, I bring this up because all the other areas seem pretty realistic. Was this what you wanted?

04 April 2002, 06:06 PM
Are you going to animate it? Do that, and send it in to!

Great :thumbsup:

04 April 2002, 01:00 PM

Do you think the texture differs in appearance when looking at the model? That is what I'm really interested about. I could give a rats arse what the textures actually look like as long as they look good on the character.

I would certainly like to maintain a consistant look, whether it be realistic or more painterly. If you have any ideas on getting more realism out of the skin, I'd like to hear. Thanks for the input.


Yea, I have some motion capture that I modified to make him hold is newly created battle axe, as well as some animating the flag using simcloth. Simcloth is awesome. Pretty realistic cloth animation using both wind spacewarps and the dynamics of the biped. I'm really impressed with it. I'll post him animated both here and at polycount once i get his footage into my reel.

Kenneth J
04 April 2002, 01:11 AM
I like him, but you should give him bigger teeth! :)

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