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10 October 2006, 05:35 PM
Note : didn't see it posted after doing a quick search, so I guess it's news...

e-frontier announces Poser 7 :

"new version of Poser, the complete 3D figure design and animation solution, will be released this fall! Poser 7 will expand the power of interactive 3D figure design, offering infinite opportunities to portray human diversity, form and expression like never before. Why do you need Poser 7? We will give you “7 Reasons to Get Poser 7” in the coming weeks, and will showcase these new features right here as they are announced."

Hopefully, they change the clunky interface... who knows ?

eliseu gouveia
10 October 2006, 08:50 PM
I hate this, why won´t they just disclose al the new features in one go instead of one at a time?

Imagine someone releasing a 3d package and going: "Reason one for buying 3DS Wax: We have booleans. Reason two: We have particles too. Reason 3...."

10 October 2006, 09:03 AM
Instead of saying Release Q1 2007 with a list of cool stuff and then you don't hear anything for a few month (and then some more because they can't quite iron out the bugs) they keep people awareness and can pre-pre-announce the product.

But I agree it gets on my nerves too. On top of that, Reason 1 was sort of : you get the same as the previous version... wow... mind boggling.

So far I mainly used Poser as a virtual model for hand drawing, get the anatomy and pespective rights. I did a few funny experience combining it with Zbrush, but its interface always precluded me from doing anything more serious than that.

I won't complain however since I got it free when they had their special offer last month. Totally worth the price. The head room is funny as well.

10 October 2006, 11:19 AM
the inclusion of a lipsync generator is really neat...this will help many poser artist get up n running in a production...makes you wonder why 3dsmax, maya xsi and lightwave don't have anything 'built in' that can automate lipsyncing fby tieing morphs to a audio file text file of the speech...i know there's 3rd party plugs but woudl really nice to get someing like this builtinto the core just in case the plugin vendor pulls out on the next what happened with hypermatter, ventriliquist and facestation...

10 October 2006, 10:32 PM
Yeah I hate the incremental update list. I want to know now. I think this tool would be good to get the lest talented or non modeller up and running to tell his story.

10 October 2006, 10:55 PM
poser is actually used extensivly for pre production in major feature films not just for 'non talented' people!

i think that poser7 will be pretty darn good esp with the new lipsync module ...add that to the walk designer and the sketch renderer and you have some powerful storytelling tools.

eliseu gouveia
10 October 2006, 12:13 AM
I hope they manage to fix the history thingie, what app in this day and age has only one level of undo?

Instead of coming up with new characters every instalment, they should just tweak the ones they already have and build on that.
Instead of the effort put into developping a new Sidney to replace a Jessi, how about a tweaked-up Jessi with a bazilion new morphs?

10 October 2006, 12:20 PM
I think because morphs = money. Charge the populace for the extra's, thats appears to be the bussiness model for Poser.

10 October 2006, 03:17 PM
That lip-syncing video example had better not be a good indicator of what it can do because... that's pretty darn bad. Daz's Mimic leaves it for dead.

10 October 2006, 03:42 PM
the inclusion of a lipsync generator is really neat...this will help many poser artist get up n running in a production...makes you wonder why 3dsmax, maya xsi and lightwave don't have anything 'built in' that can automate lipsyncing fby tieing morphs to a audio file text file of the speech...i know there's 3rd party plugs but woudl really nice to get someing like this builtinto the core just in case the plugin vendor pulls out on the next what happened with hypermatter, ventriliquist and facestation...

theres a reason why maya/max/xsi dont have plugins that automate lipsynch, it's because automated solutions are done by a computer, which means that the character will be animated in a robotic manner. algorithms cannot add the randomness and variety that an artist can.

i stick by my motto

"theres a reason why they call it poser...."

10 October 2006, 11:11 PM
theres a reason why maya/max/xsi dont have plugins that automate lipsynch, it's because automated solutions are done by a computer, which means that the character will be animated in a robotic manner. algorithms cannot add the randomness and variety that an artist can.
Even then, an automated solution is going to produce better results than what 99.9% of the people on this forum could whip up in the same time ;)

10 October 2006, 11:19 PM
Even then, an automated solution is going to produce better results than what 99.9% of the people on this forum could whip up in the same time ;)

your kidding right?

an actual artist wins over a machine every time, a machine is never gonna be able to breathe life into a performance because it was never alive to begin with.

and 99.9 percent of the people on the forums, i would say that at least 25 percent of the people here are industry professionals in one capacity or the other, maybe lower maybe higher but definitely not .1 percent.

10 October 2006, 11:36 PM
You oversaw the "in the same time" in my post. There are highly skilled people in this forum, but I doubt anyone can keyframe 300 frames of lipsyncing in two seconds.

The target audience of Poser are not the highly skilled animators in this forum and will probably never be. The taret audience of Poser are the rest of the world that does not have the butget to invest 1 day per second on top notch animation but instead is constrained in budget, skill and time.

10 October 2006, 11:49 PM
nah i didn't fail to see that, however you dont have to invest 1 day per second to come up with decent quality animation. and quite frankly the work of algorithms will never equal or justify removing the artist.

10 October 2006, 11:50 PM
Cheap, Fast, Good, pick two. :D

10 October 2006, 12:00 AM
and quite frankly the work of algorithms will never equal or justify removing the artist.
And they are not intended to. They are intended for the situations where you just don't have the artist.

10 October 2006, 12:25 AM
they are actually to ''speed up workflow''...not replace, not do away with, not for people who have no talent...just like adding a mouse to a pc does speed up still need someone sat pushing the mouse around!

lipsync plugins such as mimic pro, magpie pro, face ace, ventriliquist, facestation and voice o matic are there to give you a head start ['scuse the punn!] with lipsync...from there you'd go in and edit the keys it created and massage it into a nice result...

you can at a push just use the results they give you...not ideal but then some shows don't demand pixar quality lipsync as their budget and pace of production/staffing mean smethings have to go...

also you must remember that if a show is half decent in any regards then that show will be re dubbed into french, german, italian, spanish and where will your perfect lip sync been then?....gone buddy!.....gone gone gone !

and all the above plugins are regularly used by top animation houses to get their tv shows and games out the door before global warming has us operating in fishing boats!

so.....having lipsync in poser 7 is very welcome...

10 October 2006, 06:48 PM
Reason 3. Check back soon for more info!

That sounds funny...

they were going to think more on it ;)

11 November 2006, 07:47 PM
All 7 Reasons:

Reason 1: New Content

Reason 1. Poser has always been jam packed with valuable, ready to use 3D content, and Poser 7 will be loaded to the brim! Leading the way will be Simon and Sydney, the new male and female figures. Sydney and Simon will be complete with animated poses, still poses, full body morphs, facial expressions and morphs, hair, clothing, light sets, and more.

Poser 7 will also feature: Exclusive 3rd party content from RuntimeDNA, Meshbox Designs, Netherworks, Vanishing Point and more; New wildlife including an eagle, wolf and others, Extensive updates to the Poser Child figures with new morphs, textures and rigging, New Motion Capture Data, Light Sets, Poses and Materials, plus a whole lot more that we can't reveal just yet!

Poser 7 Delivers Built-in Lip Syncing with Talk Designer

7 Reasons to Get Poser 7 (
Reason 2: Built-in Lip Syncing!

Add incredible realism to your animations with new lip syncing functionality in Poser 7! Talking is one of the most challenging tasks in character animation, and using the new Talk Designer in Poser 7, even beginning animators can easily make figures talk with facial movements that match real human behavior!

Customize your animations the way you choose. With Talk Designer, you have the power to control the type and level of emotion, enunciation, and head and eye movement including the figure’s blink rate. Just select your sound file to import, then configure a few easy to use controls, and Poser 7 will automatically animate your figure’s lip, eye and head movements to match! Supplement your sound file with the corresponding text (plain text, no phonemes required) and make your figure’s facial movements even more accurate!

Whether you are a seasoned professional or are just learning how to animate, now you can create movies or flash animations with characters that speak, nod their heads, and blink for lifelike effects that add a whole new dimension of realism to your art.

The Talk Designer will work with many e frontier figures, including Sydney and Simon (the new Poser 7 figures), as well as James, Jessi, and the Generation 2 Koji and Kelvin figures. Third party content creators will be able to provide configuration files that make any viseme-equipped* figures Talk Designer compatible!

* Visemes are the visual representations of phonemes.

Want to See Talk Designer in Action? Click Here! (

Poser 7 Delivers More

Enjoy much more realistic scene previews. Improved preview texture resolution leverages the power of your graphics hardware to give you up to 4096x4096 pixel texture previews that show amazing detail – that’s up to 16 times more detailed than Poser 6! Poser 7 is delivered as Universal Binary, greatly increasing Macintosh performance on OS X v10.4. Native Intel Mac support generates a 300% performance boost on the latest Apple hardware compared to Poser 6.

Focus on creativity, not repetition, with new workflow improvements: Easily populate your scene with identical, yet independent figures. Now you can duplicate selected objects (with animation) and save time without the tedious process of having to individually configure each object in your scene. Save animated poses with walk paths or full body morphs directly into your library. In Poser 7, you can now store figure transformation and/or full body morph target settings in a pose.

Poser 7 Features Multiple Undo!

7 Reasons to Get Poser 7 (
Reason #3: Multiple Undo

Give your creativity and productivity a boost with Multiple Undo and Redo in Poser 7. Freely explore poses, morph target changes, and body transformations without worrying about making mistakes or having to save multiple versions of your project at every new turn. In Poser 7, you can return to earlier poses and designs, and can step back and forth through up to 100 recent changes within your scene! Even steps you couldn’t previously back out are now undoable. Multiple Undo and Redo is an incredible timesaver that can be applied on a wide range of your document changes, including all actions from the Poser library, applying poses, or deleting figures and props from your scenes.

Poser 7 Delivers More

If you are new to Poser, new training resources provided in Poser 7 will get you started quickly. In addition to the Poser 7 Reference and Tutorial Manuals, on-screen step-by-step interactive tutorials will guide you through many Poser basics. The new Quick Start dialog gives you access to a number of different projects that can be viewed through the Project Guide palette. Learning at your own pace, you will be led through each step in your project, and have access to “watch-me” videos with detailed visual explanations of individual tasks.

More workflow improvements are included in Poser 7 too:

Design or animate from any combination of angles with custom cameras. Now you can create new cameras in addition to the default set, choose whether they are revolving or dolly style, and view your scene any way you choose.

Work on the details in your design with precision and ease. Poser’s orthographic cameras (top, front, right, etc.) are now easier to use and more exact.

Directly create and add all light types to your scene with just two mouse clicks.

Reason 4: Improved Rendering & HDRI Support for IBL!
7 Reasons to Get Poser 7 (

Reason #4: Improved Rendering

Render up to four times faster with Multi-threaded Rendering on machines with multiple CPUs. FireFly takes advantage of the processing power of the multi-core and multi-processor systems available on the market by rendering on up to four threads simultaneously. This optimization results in much shorter render times for most scenes.

Render more complex scenes than ever with new Tiled Texture Loading. Texture memory needs at render time are reduced to less than 10% (compared to previous versions for texture-heavy scenes). Hard disk caching results in greatly reduced memory requirements. FireFly’s tiled texture loading system also takes advantage of a new Texture Filtering approach, which uses a fraction of the memory of its predecessor.

Create even more realistic images with HDRI! Poser now supports High Dynamic Range Images (HDRI) for Image Based Lighting and textures, giving you rendered lighting quality comparable to analog photo film!

Poser 7 Delivers More.

Render in a Separate Process: FireFly now has the option to run in a separate process from the application, which can yield performance advantages when rendering highly complex scenes. FireFly also lets your system manage memory more efficiently and provides better system stability due to the separation of rendering tasks.

Speed up Ambient Occlusion calculations with virtually no compromise on quality using the new Irradiance Caching feature. You can configure Irradiance Caching for draft (optimized for speed) versus final (optimized for quality) renders.

Save more rendering time with Occlusion Culling, which enables FireFly to improve render performance by ignoring invisible scene elements at render time.

Benefit from faster Raytracing with FireFly’s new kd-tree Ray Accelerator, which improves raytracing performance in densely populated scenes.

Take advantage of Poser 7’s improved Depth of Field calculation to generate superior results in less time.

Reason 5: Poser 7 Delivers Animation Layers!
7 Reasons to Get Poser 7 (

Reason #5: Animation Layers

Create superior movies using Poser 7’s new Non-Linear Animation! Now you can use Animation Layers to separate the various parts of an animation into independent pieces that can be individually moved, edited, hidden, or even phased gradually in and out! At playback Poser seamlessly compiles all the separate layers into a single, cohesive animation! Animation layers are supported by a variety of Poser’s animation tools, such as the Walk Designer and Talk Designer, as well as the content Library, making it simple to organize and even reuse various portions of your animations. Make your characters walk and talk, and even chew gum at the same time while keeping every strand of animation flexible! Using layers to combine animations makes it all easy and intuitive - since you are blending different layers of animation, you can combine different actions. Click and drag layers horizontally to have your animation building blocks start earlier or later in time. To help you organize your animations, Include in Playback allows you to include or hide each layer when viewing the entire animation. Your creativity is the only limit to what you can create with layered, non-linear animation!

Click Here to See a Demo (

Poser 7 Delivers More

Manipulate the visibility of individual objects within your scene, making them appear or disappear gradually or in an instant, all by simply adjusting a parameter dial with Poser 7’s new Visibility Channel.

Accomplish more with Poser 7’s enhanced PoserPython scripting environment:

The new folder-driven Scripts menu on main menu bar makes it easy to expand, manage and use your Python script collection.

The scripting interface has been enhanced to give you more control.

The Python runtime is updated to Python 2.4.

Poser 7 now supports the Tkinter GUI toolkit for Mac OS X 10.4 (not 10.3).

Reason 6. Add a whole new level of detail to your Poser 7 scenes using new brush-like morphing tools! The new Create tab on the Morphing Tool palette provides powerful interactive controls for creating your own custom morph targets. Easily “paint” dimples, moles or creases on your figures with simple strokes, just like you would with any brush tool. Use custom morph targets to create even more dynamic facial expressions; to change the appearance of bodies; to pull conforming clothing out past protruding body parts; to improve cloth simulation results; and for a wide variety of other uses as well.

Using the new morphing tools, selected areas or single points of the mesh can be pushed or pulled, smoothed or restored. Start by selecting the size of the area that you want to modify using the Radius control - small for detail work and large for broader changes. Choose from five brush styles that vary in falloff (how the change blends toward the edge of the selected area), from a very soft brush that blends gradually toward the edge to a crisp brush that affects the entire area the same way.

You can also define the magnitude of your changes, whether they accumulate or cap at a certain size, and if they act on a specific point or stroke like a brush tool. Make your changes either in surface mode, which will modify the mesh along the direction of surface normals, or in screen mode, which will allow deformations in any direction you wish.

When you are done, save your morphed Poser 7 figures into the library for later use. You don’t have to be an expert to take your scenes to a whole new level, using Poser’s intuitive morph target creation tools!

Poser 7 Delivers More
Get a real sense of what your final result will look like as you work, without having to render your scene! Poser 7’s Procedural Shader Preview can display the results of most procedural shader effects in the Preview window. Enable Hardware Shading on systems with high-performance graphics hardware.

Import your textures and images in modern formats. Poser 7 now supports HDR and EXR formats for import of high dynamic range bitmap images, as well as many other modern formats.

Choose how you want to locate an object’s associated files. Poser 7’s Configurable File Search includes three levels of depth, Deep (for most extensive), Shallow or None, to give you the results you want – fast or comprehensive.

Reason 7. Universal Poses

Universal Poses: Now you can apply any pose to any biped figure within Poser, regardless of that figure's joints or rigging, and see consistent, high quality results! To save time, you can even take legacy poses from earlier versions of Poser and resave them to the Poser 7 Library, which will automatically convert them to Universal Poses!

Poser 7 Delivers More

Flexibly increase or reduce the value of any parameter in your scene with Dependent Parameters. Using Dependent Parameters in your files allows you to modify multiple morph targets, deformers or any other parameter using a single, master parameter dial. Now with Poser 7, you have much greater control in defining the ways that your parameters interact as your figure is adjusted.
Organize your content better using Content Collections. Poser 7’s new Content Collections allow you to easily organize your Poser content from any Runtime Library or category into a single collection, giving you instant access to your favorite content without having to change Library categories.
The new Runtime Selection pop-up menu allows you to easily switch between different Runtime Libraries, without having to navigate through the Library folder hierarchy. Poser’s Library palette now also displays your current Runtime Library name so you always know where you are.
Replacing light sets is a mouse click away. Now you can add or replace a light set within your scene with a single click.
Z-Buffer Actor Selection allows you to select obscured body parts without even having to move your mouse. This is particularly helpful when posing hands, in other instances where body parts are grouped closely together, or when two figures are within proximity.

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