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10 October 2006, 08:24 PM
I'm new to MB and am using the trial version to see if it's something I would like to purchase. I'm having problems with the program being really slow. I have a fast computer with no other programs running and it seems way too slow. The char I imported has around 6k poly count. Is the polycount too high? I've also been through all the tutorials I could find and used the help menus and can't figure out how to export to bring the animation information into 3ds max. I select the root of the skeleton and go to File> and there is no export option that appears. The character I brought into MB from Max was rigged using Character Studio. Any help would be appreciated.

10 October 2006, 09:43 PM
hey to export the animation is easy. You just save the trial and then open it in max. I don't know if Max read FBX cause I'm a maya user. The problem with the slowdown is I'm not sure. I think it is prolly caused by low video memory because when I use motionbuilder on my desktop I have no problems what so ever but when I use it on my laptop my playback is really slow. Other than the hardware the only differences of the two machines is one is running 64 bit but both computers have 64 bit processers. Don't know if any of this helps.

10 October 2006, 10:56 PM
Thanks skater, I tried saving it out and then opening the file in max and it wouldn't open. The help files tell me to go into character controls and go into the file menu and save it out from there but the file button is grayed out so I can't open it up. The help files also say I have to have MB Pro inorder to save it out. So I guess I can't test it completely without having a real copy of the program. Not sure.

10 October 2006, 06:25 AM
Well once i had to get involve into integrating character animation from maya and motion builder to max. As i remember i had to update to a newer version of fbx plugin for max and maya both.
For motion builder, try not exporting, but rather saving the file, and then open in 3ds max, see if that helps.
There is also max plugin, called HumanIK, which is basicly motion builder builtin character rig for max, it has pretty much same but not all features of motion builder.
About 6k it's nothign for MB, trust me on that.
So might wanna see if you need driver update or opengl.
Good luck!

10 October 2006, 03:02 AM
I figured out how to export out MB but couldn't get it back into max. There was a problem saying it had to drop a bunch of helper bones and then nothing would show up in the viewer. I thought I had the most recent fbx plugin but I didn't. I installed the newest one and tried again and all I got was an unexpected error occured and it crashes every time I try to import. I figure maybe I should try to use the newest importer/exporter to export a new model out of Max and into MB and try that. I get errors on the export out of max saying "the plugin does not support the geometry type of the following objects. They will be converted to a triangle mesh. Morph and skin deformations may be lost." And it also says, "skipping smoothing group and edge visibility export on skins and morph targets". I don't have any morph targets on the model to be exported. When I try to bring them into MB all I get is the rig and no mesh. Any Ideas?

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10 October 2006, 03:02 AM
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