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10 October 2006, 09:29 PM
Alright, Here's the deal. Yes, i did search and all I came up with was one thread and it mentions something about removing a protection flag from the script which I don't know how to do. Searched for that, and only found that same thread so here I am.

Problem: I doing a walk cycle on a character in Maya 6.5 Ulmt. I went to change the Animation Tangent preferences. Specifically, the Default In Tangent and Default Out Tangent. I was trying to change them to flat so I wouldn't have to manually change every single component to flat after I was done. So I went to hit Save after I changed them and in the command line this came up: "Error: A permanent scriptJob cannot be killed."

I'll add a picture in a second

Any ideas how to fix this? And I don't have any MEL experience.

10 October 2006, 09:36 PM
Here's the picture: (

10 October 2006, 03:24 PM
Ok to list all the script jobs put in the editor
scriptJob -listJobs;
This will list all the running script jobs most start when start the program.
Find the Script job that is giveing you problems.
scriptJob -kill # -force;
# the number you will need to kill.

Now if you -list the jobs it might take out some other jobs out since some of them kill themselfs whan another is shut down.

10 October 2006, 08:06 PM
Hey Cory, thanks for the reply.

When I put in scriptJob -kill 47 -force; (which is what it is for me) and execute it, it just gets inserted into the editor up top, but nothing actually happens.

I tried to change the preference again, and it does the error again. I did the scriptJob list again, and then it was number 48.

Any ideas?

10 October 2006, 12:28 AM
Hmmm thatís new to me... Would the character set be causing the problem?

Ill look more into it. But thats the first thing that came to mind.

10 October 2006, 10:47 PM
I don't think so Cory. It does this everytime i try to change most anything in preferences. It's happened when i've been working in different scenes. It like it doesn't want me changing any preferences at all.

10 October 2006, 04:29 PM
Hey man could you post the SJ list 1 from to the end. And tell me the one you think is giveing you the problem.

10 October 2006, 06:19 PM
Hey Cory, here it is. Number 46

1: "-protected" "-parent" "AEmenuBarLayout" "-event" "SelectionChanged" "autoUpdateAttrEd"
2: "-protected" "-parent" "AEmenuBarLayout" "-event" "constructionHistoryChanged" "autoUpdateAttrEd"
3: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout3|formLayout11|formLayout32|formLayout33|ChannelsLayersPaneLayout|formLayout37" "-event" "NewSceneOpened" "layerEditorNewScene"
4: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout3|formLayout11|formLayout32|formLayout33|ChannelsLayersPaneLayout|formLayout37" "-event" "SceneOpened" "layerEditorOpenScene"
5: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout3|formLayout11|formLayout32|formLayout33|ChannelsLayersPaneLayout|formLayout37" "-event" "displayLayerChange" "layerEditorDisplayLayerChange"
6: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout3|formLayout11|formLayout32|formLayout33|ChannelsLayersPaneLayout|formLayout37" "-event" "renderLayerChange" "layerEditorRenderLayerChange"
7: "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout1|formLayout12|formLayout13|formLayout40|formLayout41|textField1" "-event" "SelectionChanged" "statusLineUpdateInputField"
8: "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout1|formLayout12|formLayout13|formLayout40|formLayout41|textField1" "-event" "NameChanged" "statusLineUpdateInputField"
9: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout1|formLayout12|formLayout13|formLayout40|formLayout41" "-event" "SelectModeChanged" "updateSelectionModeIcons"
10: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout1|formLayout12|formLayout13|formLayout40|formLayout41" "-event" "SelectTypeChanged" "updateObjectSelectionMasks"
11: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout1|formLayout12|formLayout13|formLayout40|formLayout41" "-event" "SelectTypeChanged" "updateComponentSelectionMasks"
12: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout1|formLayout12|formLayout13|formLayout40|formLayout41" "-event" "snapModeChanged" "updateSnapMasks"
13: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout1|formLayout12|formLayout13|formLayout40|formLayout41" "-event" "constructionHistoryChanged" "updateConstructionHistory"
14: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout1|formLayout12|formLayout13|formLayout40|formLayout41" "-event" "SelectPreferenceChanged" "iconTextCheckBox -e -v `selectPref -q -xformNoSelect` lockSelectionIcon"
15: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout1|formLayout12|formLayout13|formLayout40|formLayout41" "-event" "SelectPreferenceChanged" "updateHighlightSelectIcon"
16: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|TimeSliderForm|formLayout16|formLayout17|formLayout45" "-event" "timeChanged" "floatField -edit -value `currentTime -query` MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|TimeSliderForm|formLayout16|formLayout17|formLayout45|floatField1"
17: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout4|formLayout18|formLayout19|formLayout46" "-event" "playbackRangeChanged" "setMinMaxPlayback MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout4|formLayout18|formLayout19|formLayout46|floatField3 MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout4|formLayout18|formLayout19|formLayout46|floatField4"
18: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout4|formLayout18|formLayout19|formLayout46" "-conditionChange" "autoKeyframeState" "symbolCheckBox -edit -value `autoKeyframe -query -state` MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout4|formLayout18|formLayout19|formLayout46|symbolCheckBox1"
19: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout4|formLayout18|formLayout19|formLayout46" "-event" "playbackRangeSliderChanged" "floatField -e -v `playbackOptions -q -ast` MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout4|formLayout18|formLayout19|formLayout46|floatField2; floatField -e -v `playbackOptions -q -aet` MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout4|formLayout18|formLayout19|formLayout46|floatField5; "
20: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mainEditMenu" "-event" "RecentCommandChanged" "editMenuUpdate MayaWindow|mainEditMenu"
21: "-permanent" "-parent" "mainDisplayMenu" "-event" "gridDisplayChanged" "if (!`exists gridMenuUpdate`) {source buildDisplayMenu;} gridMenuUpdate;"
22: "-permanent" "-parent" "mainDisplayMenu" "-event" "axisAtOriginChanged" "if (!`exists originAxesMenuUpdate`) {source buildDisplayMenu;} originAxesMenuUpdate;"
23: "-permanent" "-event" "MenuModeChanged" "updateMenuModeUI"
24: "-permanent" "-event" "NewSceneOpened" "selectionMaskResetAll"
25: "-permanent" "-event" "SceneOpened" "selectionMaskResetAll"
26: "-protected" "-event" "SelectionChanged" "objectDetailsBackfaces()"
27: "-protected" "-event" "SelectionChanged" "objectDetailsSmoothness()"
28: "-protected" "-event" "SelectionChanged" "objectDetailsInstance()"
29: "-protected" "-event" "SelectionChanged" "objectDetailsDisplayLayer()"
30: "-protected" "-event" "SelectionChanged" "objectDetailsNumberOfSelectedObjects()"
31: "-protected" "-event" "SelectionChanged" "subdDetailsCurrentLevel()"
32: "-protected" "-event" "SelectionChanged" "subdDetailsCurrentMode()"
36: "-protected" "-event" "SelectionChanged" "HfResetScriptJobs"
37: "-e" "NewSceneOpened" "mlNewMayaLiveCB"
38: "-e" "SceneOpened" "mlOpenMayaLiveCB"
39: "-ct" "delete" "mlDeleteCB"
40: "-event" "SelectionChanged" "mlSelectionChangedCB"
41: "-event" "timeUnitChanged" "mlTimeUnitChangedCB"
42: "-e" "quitApplication" "mlOnQuitApplication"
44: "-event" "SceneOpened" "rendererSceneOpenedCallback"
45: "-killWithScene" "-attributeChange" "defaultRenderGlobals.currentRenderer" "rendererChanged;"
46: "-protected" "-parent" "prefAnimCol" "-event" "timeUnitChanged" "prefWndAnimOptionChanged 1"
Check out number 46, i think that's it

10 October 2006, 06:44 PM
pull up the
calling stack

stackTrace -state on;

try to save the pref to get youer error the stack will pop up and give
you a report, then repot back.

10 October 2006, 07:52 PM
Ok, i put stackTrace - state on into script editor and it just showed up in the upper part of the script editor, then i hit save on the prefernces pop up box and it just listed the usual stuff when i usually hit it, nothing extra popped up, but here is what came up:

stackTrace -state on;
saveShelf General "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_General";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf Curves "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_Curves";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf Surfaces "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_Surfaces";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf Polygons "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_Polygons";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf Subdivs "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_Subdivs";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf Deformation "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_Deformation";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf Animation "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_Animation";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf Dynamics "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_Dynamics";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf Rendering "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_Rendering";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf PaintEffects "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_PaintEffects";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf Cloth "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_Cloth";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf Fluids "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_Fluids";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf Fur "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_Fur";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf Hair "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_Hair";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf Custom "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_Custom";
// Result: 1 //
// Saving preferences to : C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/userPrefs.mel
// Saving window positions to : C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/windowPrefs.mel
// Saving plug-in preferences to: C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/pluginPrefs.mel
// Preferences saved. See Script Editor for details.
// Error: A permanent scriptJob cannot be killed. //

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