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10-09-2006, 09:29 PM
Alright, Here's the deal. Yes, i did search and all I came up with was one thread and it mentions something about removing a protection flag from the script which I don't know how to do. Searched for that, and only found that same thread so here I am.

Problem: I doing a walk cycle on a character in Maya 6.5 Ulmt. I went to change the Animation Tangent preferences. Specifically, the Default In Tangent and Default Out Tangent. I was trying to change them to flat so I wouldn't have to manually change every single component to flat after I was done. So I went to hit Save after I changed them and in the command line this came up: "Error: A permanent scriptJob cannot be killed."

I'll add a picture in a second

Any ideas how to fix this? And I don't have any MEL experience.

10-09-2006, 09:36 PM
Here's the picture: (

10-15-2006, 03:24 PM
Ok to list all the script jobs put in the editor
scriptJob -listJobs;
This will list all the running script jobs most start when start the program.
Find the Script job that is giveing you problems.
scriptJob -kill # -force;
# the number you will need to kill.

Now if you -list the jobs it might take out some other jobs out since some of them kill themselfs whan another is shut down.

10-15-2006, 08:06 PM
Hey Cory, thanks for the reply.

When I put in scriptJob -kill 47 -force; (which is what it is for me) and execute it, it just gets inserted into the editor up top, but nothing actually happens.

I tried to change the preference again, and it does the error again. I did the scriptJob list again, and then it was number 48.

Any ideas?

10-16-2006, 12:28 AM
Hmmm thatís new to me... Would the character set be causing the problem?

Ill look more into it. But thats the first thing that came to mind.

10-17-2006, 10:47 PM
I don't think so Cory. It does this everytime i try to change most anything in preferences. It's happened when i've been working in different scenes. It like it doesn't want me changing any preferences at all.

10-18-2006, 04:29 PM
Hey man could you post the SJ list 1 from to the end. And tell me the one you think is giveing you the problem.

10-18-2006, 06:19 PM
Hey Cory, here it is. Number 46

1: "-protected" "-parent" "AEmenuBarLayout" "-event" "SelectionChanged" "autoUpdateAttrEd"
2: "-protected" "-parent" "AEmenuBarLayout" "-event" "constructionHistoryChanged" "autoUpdateAttrEd"
3: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout3|formLayout11|formLayout32|formLayout33|ChannelsLayersPaneLayout|formLayout37" "-event" "NewSceneOpened" "layerEditorNewScene"
4: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout3|formLayout11|formLayout32|formLayout33|ChannelsLayersPaneLayout|formLayout37" "-event" "SceneOpened" "layerEditorOpenScene"
5: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout3|formLayout11|formLayout32|formLayout33|ChannelsLayersPaneLayout|formLayout37" "-event" "displayLayerChange" "layerEditorDisplayLayerChange"
6: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout3|formLayout11|formLayout32|formLayout33|ChannelsLayersPaneLayout|formLayout37" "-event" "renderLayerChange" "layerEditorRenderLayerChange"
7: "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout1|formLayout12|formLayout13|formLayout40|formLayout41|textField1" "-event" "SelectionChanged" "statusLineUpdateInputField"
8: "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout1|formLayout12|formLayout13|formLayout40|formLayout41|textField1" "-event" "NameChanged" "statusLineUpdateInputField"
9: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout1|formLayout12|formLayout13|formLayout40|formLayout41" "-event" "SelectModeChanged" "updateSelectionModeIcons"
10: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout1|formLayout12|formLayout13|formLayout40|formLayout41" "-event" "SelectTypeChanged" "updateObjectSelectionMasks"
11: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout1|formLayout12|formLayout13|formLayout40|formLayout41" "-event" "SelectTypeChanged" "updateComponentSelectionMasks"
12: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout1|formLayout12|formLayout13|formLayout40|formLayout41" "-event" "snapModeChanged" "updateSnapMasks"
13: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout1|formLayout12|formLayout13|formLayout40|formLayout41" "-event" "constructionHistoryChanged" "updateConstructionHistory"
14: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout1|formLayout12|formLayout13|formLayout40|formLayout41" "-event" "SelectPreferenceChanged" "iconTextCheckBox -e -v `selectPref -q -xformNoSelect` lockSelectionIcon"
15: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout1|formLayout12|formLayout13|formLayout40|formLayout41" "-event" "SelectPreferenceChanged" "updateHighlightSelectIcon"
16: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|TimeSliderForm|formLayout16|formLayout17|formLayout45" "-event" "timeChanged" "floatField -edit -value `currentTime -query` MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|TimeSliderForm|formLayout16|formLayout17|formLayout45|floatField1"
17: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout4|formLayout18|formLayout19|formLayout46" "-event" "playbackRangeChanged" "setMinMaxPlayback MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout4|formLayout18|formLayout19|formLayout46|floatField3 MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout4|formLayout18|formLayout19|formLayout46|floatField4"
18: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout4|formLayout18|formLayout19|formLayout46" "-conditionChange" "autoKeyframeState" "symbolCheckBox -edit -value `autoKeyframe -query -state` MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout4|formLayout18|formLayout19|formLayout46|symbolCheckBox1"
19: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout4|formLayout18|formLayout19|formLayout46" "-event" "playbackRangeSliderChanged" "floatField -e -v `playbackOptions -q -ast` MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout4|formLayout18|formLayout19|formLayout46|floatField2; floatField -e -v `playbackOptions -q -aet` MayaWindow|mayaMainWindowForm|formLayout4|formLayout18|formLayout19|formLayout46|floatField5; "
20: "-permanent" "-parent" "MayaWindow|mainEditMenu" "-event" "RecentCommandChanged" "editMenuUpdate MayaWindow|mainEditMenu"
21: "-permanent" "-parent" "mainDisplayMenu" "-event" "gridDisplayChanged" "if (!`exists gridMenuUpdate`) {source buildDisplayMenu;} gridMenuUpdate;"
22: "-permanent" "-parent" "mainDisplayMenu" "-event" "axisAtOriginChanged" "if (!`exists originAxesMenuUpdate`) {source buildDisplayMenu;} originAxesMenuUpdate;"
23: "-permanent" "-event" "MenuModeChanged" "updateMenuModeUI"
24: "-permanent" "-event" "NewSceneOpened" "selectionMaskResetAll"
25: "-permanent" "-event" "SceneOpened" "selectionMaskResetAll"
26: "-protected" "-event" "SelectionChanged" "objectDetailsBackfaces()"
27: "-protected" "-event" "SelectionChanged" "objectDetailsSmoothness()"
28: "-protected" "-event" "SelectionChanged" "objectDetailsInstance()"
29: "-protected" "-event" "SelectionChanged" "objectDetailsDisplayLayer()"
30: "-protected" "-event" "SelectionChanged" "objectDetailsNumberOfSelectedObjects()"
31: "-protected" "-event" "SelectionChanged" "subdDetailsCurrentLevel()"
32: "-protected" "-event" "SelectionChanged" "subdDetailsCurrentMode()"
36: "-protected" "-event" "SelectionChanged" "HfResetScriptJobs"
37: "-e" "NewSceneOpened" "mlNewMayaLiveCB"
38: "-e" "SceneOpened" "mlOpenMayaLiveCB"
39: "-ct" "delete" "mlDeleteCB"
40: "-event" "SelectionChanged" "mlSelectionChangedCB"
41: "-event" "timeUnitChanged" "mlTimeUnitChangedCB"
42: "-e" "quitApplication" "mlOnQuitApplication"
44: "-event" "SceneOpened" "rendererSceneOpenedCallback"
45: "-killWithScene" "-attributeChange" "defaultRenderGlobals.currentRenderer" "rendererChanged;"
46: "-protected" "-parent" "prefAnimCol" "-event" "timeUnitChanged" "prefWndAnimOptionChanged 1"
Check out number 46, i think that's it

10-19-2006, 06:44 PM
pull up the
calling stack

stackTrace -state on;

try to save the pref to get youer error the stack will pop up and give
you a report, then repot back.

10-19-2006, 07:52 PM
Ok, i put stackTrace - state on into script editor and it just showed up in the upper part of the script editor, then i hit save on the prefernces pop up box and it just listed the usual stuff when i usually hit it, nothing extra popped up, but here is what came up:

stackTrace -state on;
saveShelf General "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_General";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf Curves "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_Curves";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf Surfaces "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_Surfaces";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf Polygons "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_Polygons";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf Subdivs "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_Subdivs";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf Deformation "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_Deformation";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf Animation "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_Animation";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf Dynamics "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_Dynamics";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf Rendering "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_Rendering";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf PaintEffects "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_PaintEffects";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf Cloth "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_Cloth";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf Fluids "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_Fluids";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf Fur "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_Fur";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf Hair "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_Hair";
// Result: 1 //
saveShelf Custom "C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/shelves/shelf_Custom";
// Result: 1 //
// Saving preferences to : C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/userPrefs.mel
// Saving window positions to : C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/windowPrefs.mel
// Saving plug-in preferences to: C:/Documents and Settings/Spencer Dixon/My Documents/maya/6.5/prefs/pluginPrefs.mel
// Preferences saved. See Script Editor for details.
// Error: A permanent scriptJob cannot be killed. //

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