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10 October 2006, 11:25 PM

I need to create a realistic 3d starfield that can be rendered in mental ray for a project I'm working on. Basically I need a camera to travel through space. I've tried 3 different techniques which did not give me the desired results:

1. Paint the starfield in Paint effects. This looked good until you moved the perspective camera.
2. Texture map a sphere. This looked alright but I need depth with these stars.
3. I downloaded a starfield mel script from This is what I'm going for but since the stars work of of points or spheres they need to be rendered in maya's hardware renderer when I need to use mental ray.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


10 October 2006, 09:37 AM
Can you not just composite the hardware rendered stars on top of your mental ray renders?

10 October 2006, 03:56 PM
The hardware rendered stars do not look as good as I'd like. I guess that would have to be the case unless I can figure something else out.

10 October 2006, 12:12 AM
Perhaps you could make 3 or 4 textured spheres each with different sizes. Use a color and a transparency map. That should give you the depth you were missing.

10 October 2006, 01:50 AM
Hmmmm good idea, I'll try that. I'm also going to create the same set of spheres and paint stars directly on their surface with paint effects to see how that works out. I'll post results when I'm done.

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10 October 2006, 01:50 AM
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