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02 February 2003, 09:26 PM
Hey, it's been so long since I last posted any WIP.. school keeps me busy.

Just working on a logo for a friend and I need to make it look good duh.. however I had a pretty bad start (started this long ago).

My ref is

Please help me out and point out flaws (doesn't have to be a perfect replica of the ref, I like the position as it is, except that it has flaws in proportions and and sorta detail. I am not sure where to do what now that I got this. I really need help and I'm of my word and I don't wana just not do the logo. Please all help is apreciated, paintovers are very welcome for ideas. I need to add some color to the logo as well, I have tried several ideas, and this sort of shape is what he sort of liked (i lost the original sketch! and I started this new one which is similar to what I had before, the last one was like say a Nissan symbol with text on the sides horizontal, not a word then another word.) I dunno. Please help :( :(

02 February 2003, 10:07 PM
Please help :( :( I desperately need advice and wish to finish this I am a man of my word and I don't want to make this little favor an exception.

02 February 2003, 10:22 PM
I think the hands are too small, and head too big.
But if its a logo, iŽd would go for a non shaded drawing, a cel version, more stylized, as a vector drawing (flat colors, i cant explain better). Look your photo ref from two meters. Well, from distance, i mean. You only see black and white. Use black for the hair and robe, kimono or wossname and white for the skin and shoes. Maybe yellow for the belt. You would only need lines on the overlaping shapes of the same color (the left hand over the neck and the right forearm) to show the silhouette.
Some examples:
one (, two (, three (, kia! (

02 February 2003, 04:05 AM
I agree with Pancreas on the colors and such over the image is alright but yeah stick with 2 or 3 primary colors for Pancreas said..

Tommy Lee
02 February 2003, 07:21 AM
Have to agree with my beforspeakers.

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