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John Keates
02 February 2003, 08:30 PM
Meddling with Prj. files is a big grey area for most people. I personally don't have a clue. There are probably certain things that are realy usefull to know but it takes a lot of effort to work this stuff out (fo me at least).

My first questions....

1 How do I copy and paste lots of instances of a model in a Chor. without the Prj. crashing AM when loaded? This is usefull for exploding walls etc. I am trying to make a kind of home-made volumatric by setting up a 3D grid of cubes that can change transparency and colour using expressions. Wish me luck! .:scream:

2 Can Blitz basic be used effectively for all this? Has anyone had succes in writing little apps using other programs?

3 Are there any general tips to make the process esier (eg a special text editer)?

02 February 2003, 10:42 PM
although this isn't a file-format answer, hope it helps

you could arrange bones in a "setup-model",
as many instances you want
& apply the "real" model(s) to those bones in an action
then you can make another action with the setup-model
wherein you move the bones the way you like

btw there's an explode-plugin for a:m

tested only with
V10 beta4
works not with V10 Beta 6 !!

explode-plugin (

other cool plugins for a:m 9.5 & 10alpha

plugins index (

thx to steffen gross for comin up with stuff like that :wavey:

John Keates
02 February 2003, 04:53 PM
Well this is a nice idea in theory. I tried this technique about a year ago in V9. I made a matrix of bones and constrained a load of instances of a model onto them. These instances had a number of poses. The idea was that I would be able to use these "patches" of objects in a chor to build a wobbly serface and change the pose slider values about so that the serface changes along its length. This is where I found that Hash hadn't programmed the thing properly. I got a whole load of crashes and after waiting for a few months with no sign of the bugs being fixed, I gave up. We are now on v10 and action objects are as screwey as ever. Try the test yourself and you will find that only one instance will obey the constraint. Poses in action objects are a no-no also. This is why I am looking for an alternative method (maybe writing a plugin or external app).

I apologize in advance for the round of Hash bashing that is about to insue...

If only hash got it together and made all this stuff properly robust. They might think that what I want to do is an esoteric "feature" but realy it is a part of the program that should work. It seems unfair to me that the program is limited in this kind of way. How can I use my imagination to create when I have this feeling that whatever I try to do won't work unless it only involves a few characters and a few props.

So far I have wasted a lot of time trying to use parts of AM that are advertised as present.

If someone can prove me wrong and show me that it is all my fault then I would be greatfull.

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