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09 September 2006, 06:46 PM
Hey guys, I have an interesting question. I have been recently working with Viewpoint's Enliven and have run across this really cool real-time app.Here ( But although this application is pretty cool what really makes this the coolest thing ever is the fact that after you step through wizard and select your car you can rotate in any direction or position and then click the "Take a Photo" button and what I believe they are doing is then executing a batch render out server side which passes in the rotation angle, position x,y,z, color, etc; as parmaters through the batch method. So each mb file contains only one car. Then in turn the batch methods runs and renders out an image to a web directory where you can load it up into flash or a web page.

So I know thats rather long winded but my question is this something that I can maybe try using RFM with maya. Meaning does the RFM batch except parameters to be passed like this? I know using RFM we could get alot better quality render outs and it would be quite quick as well, at least faster than scan line.

If so then this should be entirely possible. I really don't know however how you would monitor the progress of the render out on the web though.

Now if I'm way off base here and they are using some other type of technology to accomplish this process, please let me know.


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09 September 2006, 06:46 PM
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