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09 September 2006, 03:34 PM
Hello, My name is Mae, i am new to this forum.. ^^
I am still studying 3D animation in a one year course....So far i think i have been progressing real slow :(
But i am still trying my best.
I have been learning for 5 months now..and this is my work so far..., from the course started until now...
I hope you guys can give me some comments and critics..

Thank you so much (^o^)>


Title : Pagoda

This is my very first Maya work...It is actually taken from the Maya tutorial then i improvised it..

Title : Glowing Hagendaz

This is my second Maya work...the modelling is very simple..

Title : Chinese Tea Time

This is my 3rd Maya work..the modelling is also very simple... ^^

Title : Miracleous Sea Shrine

This is my 4th Maya work...geez..I love to save and collect all my works...It is like my precious collection. I am even thinking to print it out one by one on 4 x 6 glossy photo paper and keep it in a photo album neatly. And i can imagine in the next 20 years, i will have a complete life collection of my 3D work . ^_^

Title : Eyeing You

This is my 5th Maya work...We are still studying the anatomy of a human being..and it is really difficult to make it look perfectly human in 3D.... -_-

Title : Blood Mask

This is my 6th Maya work.....

Title : Katana

This is my last (7th) Maya work so far..and i still need to adjust the lighting and object position so that it gets the perfect reflection and the shape of the katana can be seen just nicely too. And the hypershading material i used is also temporary..i still want to work on real katana texture material on the sword handle and real life steel on the sword blade..but still figuring out how to make this happen.. ahaha..

I will post my 3Ds Max work after this :)

And the way..i want to apologize for my poor you think you dont quite understand what i said.. just ask me.. .i will try to describe with my best english :)

09 September 2006, 03:42 PM
Title : Breakfast Anyone?

This is My very first 3Ds Max work..very simple modelling ^^

Title : Funky Dino Turtle

My 2nd 3Ds Max work..hard edges..

Title :Just a Lamp

My 3rd 3Ds Max Work...

Title : Used To Be Someone

My last (4th) 3Ds Max Work so far...i am still learning how to model a human...and deep understanding of why the lines got to be that way.
Still trying to get the 'feel' and control. I want to model a face according to what is inside my heart instead of being just a random face. (Good luck to me! ^^)

09 September 2006, 08:27 AM
Hi LadyWolf,

From what I can see it looks as though you are progressing normally with learning 3d :)
Your english is excellent, much better than my Mandarin (I'm an Australian living in Taiwan).

If I was to suggest anything to you, it would be to do tutorials. Anything you find interesting, search the internet for tutorials on how to do it. Modeling, lighting, animation.... doesn't matter.

Best of luck with your CG art!

p.s. I like the turtle! :D

09 September 2006, 09:56 AM
thanks gringer.. :)
I am still struggling on human has been 4 days now..and this is my second attempt. My first attempt was quite is deformed a bit. And mandarin is terrible too..ahahah..everyday i have to struggle when talking in everyday conversation and try different tones for each word that the other students in class cant understand..since..u know..different tone means..different meaning... (and there are four tones ! For..whoever's sake!) > <

09 September 2006, 11:17 AM
Nice work, I know whats its like when you keep your first finished works, in a year you'll look back and wonder how they were so hard to do at the time. Its always good to see the teapot, thats like a right of passage for anyone doing 3D

Its hard to really crit any of your work as its clear you are just learning, and your progress is visible in each new piece

One thing I would suggest is to learn lighting techniques for rendering your images, just now the quality of you models and textures is let down by harsh, overexposed lighting, or even use self illumination

William Kladis has a video for baking AO to your models that helped me a lot..... (

Good luck

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09 September 2006, 11:17 AM
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