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01 January 2003, 04:56 AM

Hello all, this is my first post. This is my first Matte Painting. I did not use a tablet for this, but I just got one, so I will from now on.

This is an excerpt from my process page, which can be viewed under the 2D section of my website, but most people dont click links, so I am posting it here.

Digital matte painting is a brand new art to me. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this image. It was alot of hard work, and I am satisfied with how it turned out. Whenever I tell someone that it came from photographs though, they assume that I did not do any real work. So this page is set up to show you what I had to work with, and what I ended up with

Most of the process was very mundane and simply involved creative uses of masks, blending layers, and techniques that are quite rudimentary, since this is my first matte painting. However I am quite pleased with the sky, and I have below the steps I followed to create my angry sky.
The first step was to clone the sky over to make it wide enough, then I used the cloning brush judiciously to get rid of any twinning that would give away my duplication. Then I used the perspective skew to make it look as if the sky was receding into the distance.

In the second step I duplicated the first layer and played with the contrast. When I was happy with its look, I gave it a 50% transparency so the first sky would show through.

This is the exact same sky as in step 2, I just did a hue shift to give it this angry orange cast

This is the mask for the orange sky in step number 3. I did a render 3d clouds, and then render difference clouds.

In step 4, I rendered 3D clouds and used the perspective skew on them. I used this layer with a vivid light blending mode with a 50% transparency. Rather than commit to the tried and true, multiply/overlay, I like to scroll down through the blending methods to see what each one looks like. Who knows, you might stumble apon the exact effect you were looking for.

In the final step, I did a gradient fill with a multiply blend, set to 33% transparency to give the sky atmospheric perspective

Here is the final composite.

If you like this image, please visit my site, and let me know what you think.

01 January 2003, 08:38 AM
thats a good try

try to corect the sky perspective
the clouds on the bottom of the see are way too big

be carefull when you are rotoscoping shape (but i read you ve done this
with a mouse so try to correct it when you have your tablet)

the see should be darker and shine

add some reflections of the cliffs in the see

the right cliff (where the house stands) is too hazy

but the major problem is the light
it seems to come from everywhere,
try to put your sun in the frame it will be easier to light the objects.

hope that help


01 January 2003, 08:56 AM
yeah maybe someone can follow up on this one cause all i have to say is it is a really nice painting,,,,however it looks to fake for a matte painting imagine seeing that scene in a movie...would you be convincend

01 January 2003, 01:37 PM
It's ok for a first attempt, but I would advise you to stay away from photographs initially and strenghten your painting skills first - otherwise you will find you are too reliant on the photos and will not have the skills to work without them.

There are many issues with the piece, mostly observational problems:

As tchook says, there is no consisitent lightsource, I have no idea where the sun is meant to be.

You haven't really unified your elements together, they look cut and pasted. There is no unity of light or atmosphere.

The sky is too dark and contrasty, in 90% of cases the sky will be the lightest thing in a given scene, it should be lighter than the landscape.

The sea is the wrong colour, it may well be turquoise/blue where it's shallow but as it get deeper it also looks much darker.

there are quite a few perspective problems, again as tchook says, the sky looks flat, there is no haze on the horizon. There is no sense of depth to draw the eye in.

I think you would really benefit a lot more from doing straight paintings to start with, as they force you to observe the real world, only then will you have the understanding to manipulate photos so well that it's 100% convincing.

02 February 2003, 05:06 AM
i dont know how serious you are about someone seeing your site but with a name like that i do not want to look at anything on it...just my proffessional opinion

02 February 2003, 11:48 PM
I've familiarized myself greatly w/ photoshop... but never took a class or talked to people much about it until this forum.

What is a "matte painting?"

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